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29th October, 1975

During the year a reasonably balanced program between conserving the local environment and promoting an awareness of conservation has been managed by the Society.

        (a)  Plantng Banksia integrifolia at Ricketts Point

Of the 40 trees that were planted last year about 5 have survived. It was considered that most were damaged by accident and that if wire guards were placed around each tree their chance of survival would be greater.

Sandringham City Council agreed to supply material for the guards, and the Society purchased and planted 40 more trees and erected the guards. The new plants have been there about 4 months, and are all surviving. During the summer months, the Society plans to observe them regularly, water and maintain them as required.
     (b)  Sea Scouts’ Boat Shed –  Table Rock

Our appeal to the M.M.B.W. Planning Tribunal on the siting of a new boat shed was not successful, and the Society agreed under protest not to take the matter any further.
    (c)  Boat Launching Ramps

To assist the P.P.C.C. to formulate an overall policy for boat launching facilities around the Bay, the Society prepared a report on the local coastline.

This report concluded that the most suitable areas were already being used for boat launching, and any additional new sites would be a traffic hazard and cause major disturbance to the character of the foreshore.
   (d)  Recycling Garbage

We are assessing practical schemes of recycling garbage that will be a benefit to the Sandringham Council by reducing the volume of garbage and avoiding wastage of useful material.
   (e)  Litter on the Foreshore

Tonight, with our guest speaker from Keep Australia Beautiful Council, the Society is launching its summer campaign to help reduce the amount of litter on the Beaumaris foreshore.
   (a)  Public Meeting on Port Phillip Bay

A Public Meeting was held on 14th March in the Beaumaris Community Centre covering the effects of development around the Bay.

Two guest speakers gave their views:-
                Mr V.Warren – Director, Town and Country Planning Board
                Dr R.Birrell – Sociologist, Monash University

After extensive invitations to Life Saving Clubs and Boating Clubs around the Bay, and advertising, about 100 local residents attended.

It is planned to have a series of such meetings to help inform people on the conditions of the Bay.

B.R.A.S.C.A. has agreed to hold the next meeting in Black Rock.
   (b)  Native Flora Tour

In conjunction with B.R.A.S.C.A., the Society for Growing Australian Plants and Bruce Muir, Botanist, a tour of three local heathlands was held on Sunday, 21st September. The heathlands visited were:

The Society’s Gramatan Avenue Reserve
Beaumaris High School Reserve
Bay Road Reserve near Sandringham Technical School

The public response was enthusiastic and informed group leaders brought attention to various species and answered many questions.
   (c)  Native Flora and Birds of Beaumaris

The Society is gathering information on Plants and Bird Life native to Beaumaris so that it can be published.

During the year, our Treasurer, Mr W.Ridland, was forced to retire because of ill health. Our thoughts and wishes are with him hoping that he will recover soon.

Barbara Cook accepted nomination as new Treasurer.

The appointed Auditors, L.F.Hodgson, were not able to audit this year’s accounts.

R.McKinlay, Accountant, accepted nomination for this year.

The Society invites all residents with an interest in conservation to discuss joining the Society, with the President or Secretary.

I thank all Office Bearers and Committee Members for their support and constant efforts throughout the year.

K. (Kenneth) Rendell,