Charles Hotson Ebden
The photograph below of a marble tablet, which can be accessed by clicking on it, records the first owner of Black Rock House, Charles Hotson Ebden, as being one of the three trustees of the Melbourne Benevolent Asylum, The Asylum was relocated to Cheltenham, and later renamed the Kingston Centre, whose original 1910 foyer continues to house that tablet. A donation by Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh, is also listed.

Mr Ebden was elected, before 1851, to represent the Port Phillip District in the New South Wales Legislative Council, and later served in each house of the Victorian Parliament.
He built Black Rock House on a 38-acre Crown grant - bounded by the present Central Avenue, Beach Road, and Balcombe Road - originally made to F G Dalgety, whose larger holding in Beaumaris is commemorated by Dalgetty (sic) Road there.

Ebden entry on the Friends of Black Rock House Inc. website