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Minutes of the Inaugural General Meeting of the

Beaumaris Tree Preservation Society  on 28th January 1953


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A meeting was convened by Mrs Hosking and Mr Andrews to establish a Tree Preservation and Street Beautification Group.

PRESENT: Mr Holmes, Mr Andrews, Mr and Mrs Carroll, Mr and Mrs Hosking, Mr and Mrs P.Hutchison, Mr and Mrs Hay, Mrs Sticklam, Mrs Jenkins, Mrs Bowman, Mrs Ridland & Mrs McDougall.

Mrs Hosking was elected as President and Mrs McDougall as Secretary. All others present with the exception of Messrs Carroll, Holmes and Hutchison were appointed to the Committee with power to co-opt any other interested persons.

Mr Holmes offered technical assistance.

Mr Hutchison offered the assistance of the P & C Association.

Mr Carroll will write to the Council to preserve the nature strips in Haldane, Scott, Bodley & Gibbs Streets and Dalgetty Road when bulldozing for the roads.


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The original Constitution of the Beaumaris Tree Preservation Society was adopted at its next General Meeting, on 16th March 1953.


Minutes of all the General Meetings since the Inaugural Meeting


The Beaumaris Tree Preservation Society changed its name to Beaumaris Conservation Society at its

1970 Annual General Meeting.

Beaumaris Conservation Society became Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc. as a result of a

General Meeting in April 1997.



Link to Port Phillip Conservation Council Inc., of which BCS Inc. has been a Member Organization since 1970