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Bayside City Council 2008 Polls: Files of Interest 

First Preference Votes cast in NorthernCentral and Southern Wards

Distribution of Preferences in NorthernCentral and Southern Wards

 150-word Statements & Preference Orders for the 7 Elected Candidates, & All in North & Central Wards

Election Material Distributed in Southern Ward

% 1st Prefs.
S Russell’s first leafletS Russell’s second leaflet17.98

M Norris’s leafletM Norris’s poster 

J Knight’s leaflet

J Rawlinson’s leaflet

W Wilson’s leaflet

D Reid’s leaflet

Bayside Ratepayers Association’s leaflet

Southern Ward letterboxing rosters for Norris & Reid leaflets

BCS Inc. Leader advertisement
Roster for M Norris’s scrutineers

Scrutineers’ observed sample of Southern Ward ballot first preferences

VEC form for candidates’ expenditure declarations

Compare 2008 with 2005 (polls in only 7 of the 9 wards) Abbott, Charman, Dendy, Ebden, Moysey, Smith, Were.

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