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Beaumaris Anglican Church damages roots of trees before Council can vote on a permit

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Beaumaris Anglican Church has employed a firm that removed – on Saturday, 01 August 2015 – a full truckload of soil from near and around some of the roots of one of 5 Coast Tea Trees on its land. Those trees are protected under the Bayside Planning Scheme.

IRRESPONSIBLE FAIT ACCOMPLI: The digging machine used, which appears in the photograph below, has not only exposed the tree roots, but has also broken some of them off, as can also be seen in that photograph. That damage could kill the tree involved. The Church knows the 5 indigenous trees are legally protected, as it applied to Bayside City Council for a Planning Permit to remove them.

A notice of a Planning Permit Application on the land stated that persons objecting to that removal had 14 days to object to the Council about the proposal. Citizens’ right to object was being pre-empted, and treated with disdain. Google street view shows the northernmost tree before it lost a truckload of soil to its north.

The Church has since withdrawn its application, placed a similar amount of soil on the bank where that truckload was removed, and again demarcated the edge of that sandy bank with basalt rocks. The tea tree that was the one of those 5 nearest the Church building was later blown down by wind, and was removed, with Council approval.


Link to the Port Phillip Conservation Council Inc. – BCS Inc. has been a Member Organization of it since 1970