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BMYS Ltd. meeting with BCS Inc. on its marina proposal


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BCS Inc. sent the email below to its members on 2015-12-20.

This month, BCS Inc. was invited by the Commodore of Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron Ltd, Brian McNaughton, to have representatives meet him and two of his fellow Board members, at the BMYS Ltd. club house, for a discussion of BMYS Ltd’s plans for a marina in Beaumaris Bay.

BCS Inc’s President, Adrian Cerbasi; Treasurer, Geoffrey Goode; and Committee member, Dr Shirley Prager, attended. BMYS Ltd’s representatives were Brian McNaughton, Commodore; Ross Popplewell, Vice-Commodore; and John Firth, a past Commodore. Their photos appear at www.bmys.com.au/profile/office-bearers but Ross’s role has changed since they posted that web page. They said that John Firth has now replaced Scott Eccleston as the Project Director, and LeisureCorp is no longer involved.

The Pre-planning Communications Plan dated March 2009 has a Table 3.4 Item (h), which refers to Beaumaris Conservation Society as a ‘stakeholder’, and envisages a ‘specific meeting prior to Planning Permit submission to provide a briefing on the future plans of the club, and to understand potential concerns the Society may have to the redevelopment. Meeting to occur early in the community communications to be proactive and to listen to concerns to then inform the design’ with a meeting to be arranged for February or March 2009. BCS Inc. was not contacted by BMYS Ltd. for such a meeting until late 2015 – over six years later – which was long after BMYS Ltd’s plans had been prepared and lodged with Victoria’s Planning Department.

The latest Planning Department statement on the marina proposal appears at www.dtpli.vic.gov.au/planning/environmental-assessment/projects/beaumaris-motor-yacht-safe-harbour

The BMYS Ltd. officers indicated that there were changes to their original plan that they thought might be welcomed by non-members. The main change (see plan below) was to substitute vertical re-inforced concrete wave screens like those at Blairgowrie for the 500 metres of dumped boulder moles proposed originally. The DTPLI hyperlink above still refers to a ‘rock breakwater wall’. They mentioned other smaller changes, all to be made public at an Open Day in February or March 2016.

The Commodore said a main reason for the marina, and the 3-storey dry stack, was many members’ downsizing of their homes, leaving them with no longer any room to store their boats, so they wanted to store them at the club. The BCS Inc. response was that was yet another adverse environmental effect of downsizing, and such members should think more about what they are doing to the suburb they say they love, and not expect Beaumaris Bay to be a parking area for their recreational vessels.

Click on the plan below, dated 2015-11-09, to enlarge it.

wave screen


Link to the Port Phillip Conservation Council Inc., of which BCS Inc. has been a Member Organization since 1970