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City Council Meeting votes to pursue
Planning Scheme Amendment C140


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City Council’s Special

Meeting on 2015-12-14 was called to
consider whether the Council would pursue its
proposed Planning Scheme Amendment
, after it had invited written
submissions and speakers that wished to address
the Council meeting on it.

A video of it is at http://stream.bayside.vic.gov.au/archive/video15-1214.php

Speakers supporting C140 for a 3-minute allotted
period included those below, at the start time in
minutes below – on the video time bar at the
hyperlink – and are well worth hearing:

22:00 Brian
Davey      24:00 Alberto
Colla        29:00 Chris
       34:00 Steve
37:00 Colin
Martin      44:00 Diana

Geoffrey Goode

There were 23 speakers that took one view, and
22 that took the opposite view.

At 157:00
on the video, Cr Alex del Porto, of Northern
Ward, can be heard moving a motion to support
C140, followed by his 4-minute explanation of
his support. At 160:00,
Cr Heather Stewart, of Southern Ward, seconded
his motion, and explained her support.

The motion was carried, with Crs del Porto,
Stewart, Evans and Long in favour, and Crs
Frederico, Heffernan and Lowe against it. The
CEO said the next step is for it to be
considered by a Panel appointed by the Planning
Minister, with a view to its recommending to the
Minister whether he should adopt it or reject

Supporters will need to appear before that Panel
if that stage of the process is to have a good
chance of success.


Link to the Port Phillip
Conservation Council Inc., of which BCS Inc. has been a
Member Organization since 1970