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Need for members to speak at Panel Hearing for Bayside Planning Amendment C140

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Action to support this Amendment is essential to ensure that limits are placed on the high degree of overdevelopment occurring in Beaumaris and the wider Bayside municipality. Council’s proposal needs residents’ strong support if it is to gain the approval by a Planning Panel, and the Planning Minister, that it will need to become law. Amendment C140 is at www.bayside.vic.gov.au/caring_for_bayside/6801.htm

In December 2015, Bayside City Council admirably resolved to seek the Planning Minister’s necessary approval for gazetting Amendment C140 to the Bayside Planning Scheme after hearing residents.

BCS Inc, a submitter to Bayside Council of a letter in favour of Amendment C140, has received a notice from Planning Panels Victoria about the next stage in this important process.

BCS Inc. officers will attend the preliminary Directions Hearing referred to, but it is vital that as many BCS Inc. members and Bayside residents as possible register, before 29 February 2016, to be heard at the subsequent Public Hearings, whose dates, starting in late March 2016, are yet to be fixed.
Please see a list of points to include in what members tell the Panel. Please also tell info@bcs.asn.au you intend to speak.
The second page of that notice gives details of the Public Hearings process. The last page deals with registering, using the necessary Request to be Heard form, but unfortunately the hyperlink shown in red for an online lodging of that form fails to work, so intending speakers should register, before 29 February 2016, using www.dtpli.vic.gov.au/planning/panels-and-committees/request-to-be-heard-form instead.

Link to the Port Phillip Conservation Council Inc. – BCS Inc. has been a Member Organization of it since 1970