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The only one of the ten candidates for the two Southern Ward seats on Bayside City Council that was a sitting councillor was Cr Laurence Evans, as Cr Heather Stewart did not stand for re-election. BCS Inc. remembers Cr Evans favourably during his 2012-2016 time as a councillor, and also his 1984-91 time as a Sandringham City councillor. BCS Inc. publicly advocated a first preference vote for Laurence Evans, and was pleased that he was re-elected for a 2016-20 term. The other councillor elected for Southern Ward was Clarke Martin.

The Declaration of the Poll for all three wards took place at the Bayside City Council Corporate Centre in Royal Avenue, Sandringham, at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday 02 November 2016. None of the councillors that served a full 2012-16 term was defeated. The only councillor that stood and was not re-elected was Cr Bruce Lowe of Central Ward, who had filled the vacancy caused by Cr Stephen Hartney’s resignation. The other new councillors elected were Cr Rob Grinter and Cr Sonia Castelli in Central Ward.


See VEC poll summaries. See annotated preference distribution spreadsheets for the Northern, the Central and the Southern Wards at those three hyperlinks, which each has a hyperlink to candidates’ statements and photographs.

Previous declarations were in 2012 and 2008.