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Moysey and Ebden Wards: People who will Represent You







Colour photograph of Robyn Browne

Moysey Ward’s new councillor, who will be elected to fill the
seat being vacated by Cr Ken Beadle
– he is not standing for
re-election – needs to be effective in representing people in the
established residential area of Beaumaris,
with its appealing coastal and bushland
character, and agreeable streets and gardens.

Robyn Browne, a Beaumaris Conservation Society
member, has undertaken significant environmental and planning work at
State level. She campaigned to help end toxic emissions presenting a
significant health risk to Beaumaris from
very poorly-controlled chemical industries nearby, and her work
culminated in a considerable tightening of the Environment Protection
Act. Also nearby, Robyn was active in successful efforts to secure sand renourishment of an eroding beach. Her
record equips her well for the next three years to analyse
and resolve issues at Council.


understands our needs, and respects the distinctive assets of Beaumaris. Those important characteristics of Beaumaris are the result of good past
planning. They include space around us, and our pleasing
landforms, bushland and indigenous plants.


Robyn Browne, a keen tennis player, and
her family share the local amenities we all benefit from. We know she
will represent Beaumaris values
well in a Council that must often be reminded of our local
character and needs.


Robyn Browne

for Moysey Ward









Conservation Society Inc. recommends:


    in Moysey Ward,
    Vote 1 for
    Robyn Browne


    in Ebden Ward,
    Vote 1 for
    Cr Derek Wilson







Ebden Ward voters replaced
their previous councillor, because of that
councillor’s insignificant
opposition on behalf of residents – to the
widespread inappropriate development that was blighting much of their Ebden Ward.


Derek Wilson
– elected to remedy that
neglect – has done so very effectively. He has just completed his first
term as a councillor. His planning skill
has served residents and recreational and sporting groups well.

Cr Wilson, with degrees in civil
engineering and management [MBA], is well equipped to judge the
numerous, often complex, proposals placed before Council.

Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc. backed Derek Wilson
for election last time. He has a steady and mature approach, and far
more purposeful and responsible attitudes to proposals for residential
and other development in Bayside than we had previously in Ebden Ward. We strongly support his re-election

Colour photograph of Cr Derek Wilson 2005




Cr Derek

for Ebden Ward


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Conservation Society Inc.



Authorized by Adrian Cerbasi, 55 Reserve Road, Beaumaris