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Ebden and Moysey Wards: People who will Represent You Well
Ebden Ward needs a new councillor who will display steady and mature, but far more purposeful and responsible attitudes to proposals for residential and other development in Bayside than we have had to date in Ebden Ward. Derek Wilson is founding convenor of the Bayside Alliance for Heritage, the Environment and Appropriate Development. With a degree in civil engineering, and in management, he is well equipped to judge the numerous proposals placed before Council. Derek has served as Bayside representive of Save Our Suburbs Inc.  Moves to oppose inappropriate development by Ebden Ward’s present Councillor, in the interests of residents, have been insignificant. 
Derek Wilson for Ebden Ward
  Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc. recommends: 
  • in Ebden Ward, Vote 1 for Derek Wilson
  • in Moysey Ward, Vote 1 for Cr Ken Beadle
Moysey Ward has been well represented by Cr Ken Beadle. He has provided a balanced and very welcome presence for the Moysey Ward on Bayside Council. Ken has usually been able to convince enough councillors in other wards of the merits of his sensible views on what is right for Moysey Ward, which has secured a moderation of many initially unfortunate proposals.  Ken’s past presidency of the Beaumaris Soccer Club has facilitated good relations with the sporting and recreational groups within his Ward. As 2001-02 President of the Association of Bayside Municipalities he extended his good influence on Bayside Council to lead wisely on important Bay-wide matters.
Ken Beadle for Moysey Ward
Beaumaris Conservation 
Society Inc.
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Authorized by Adrian Cerbasi, 55 Reserve Road, Beaumaris 3193