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BCS Inc. Supports 2 Council

MOYSEY WARD: After two terms as the councillor for
Moysey Ward, having been first elected in 2000,
and re-elected in 2003, Cr
Ken Beadle is not standing again. We thank him for his good work during
his six years representing Moysey Ward on Bayside City Council, and
wish him well for the future.

For the coming Council term, Beaumaris Conservation Society
Inc. strongly supports the election for Moysey Ward of Robyn Browne, who is one of five
standing in that ward. The retiring councillor for
Moysey Ward, Cr Ken Beadle, also supports Robyn’s election for Moysey


Robyn Browne, Moysey Ward candidate

Robyn Browne has lived in Beaumaris for 33
years with her three children, now adults, who have, of course,
benefited from growing up in our fine suburb. Health and fitness
continue to play an important role in their lives. They all enjoy
participating in, and watching sport – particularly tennis.

As a mother of young children,
Robyn’s interest in environment and planning matters grew while seeking
to end toxic air pollution in Beaumaris by nearby chemical industries.
That was achieved by campaigns to Council, Appeals Hearings and
Government Departments, culminating in significant changes to Victoria’s
Protection Act.

Robyn recently helped achieve sand
renourishment as the more natural solution to Sandringham’s
cliff erosion, which will encourage similar outcomes around the Bay. A
member of Council’s Environmental
Advisory Group
, she contributed to the Environmental
Sustainability Policy
for Bayside.

At the first Bayside City Council elections, in 1997, there were, of course, no sitting councillors in any ward. At the second elections, in 2000, there was no sitting councillor in Moysey Ward, which covers some two-thirds of Beaumaris, and no other suburb, as the first Moysey Ward councillor, Vivien Kluger, did not stand again. Cr Kluger had been strongly supported by Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc, as had Ken Beadle, who succeeded Cr Kluger as the second Moysey Ward councillor.

Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc. is very grateful that
candidates it supported, both Cr Kluger and Cr Beadle, both fulfilled
their promise as good representatives of Moysey Ward.

* * * * * * * * *

EBDEN WARD: In the adjoining Ebden
Ward, which includes over a quarter of Beaumaris, a member of Beaumaris
Conservation Society Inc, Cr
Derek Wilson,
who first gained his seat on Bayside City Council
by defeating the sitting councillor in 2003 by
receiving 52.5% of the first preference vote, is standing for
re-election. Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc. strongly supports the
re-election of Cr Derek Wilson, who has been an outstandingly good
councillor. Three
candidates are standing
in that ward, one of them being the man
that Cr Wilson defeated at the previous election in 2003, Simon
Russell, who was criticized by Derek Wilson on the grounds that his
opposition to the inappropriate development taking place in the ward
was insignificant. Simon Russell had held the seat for two terms, and
before that he had been a councillor in the Central Ward of the former
City of Sandringham.


Cr Derek Wilson, Ebden Ward candidate

Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc. has very direct and
important interests in Ebden Ward as:

  • Beaumaris makes up about a third
    of the residential area in Ebden Ward.
  • Most of the important Ricketts
    Point Marine Sanctuary
    adjoins Ebden Ward.
  • A Beaumaris gem, the area made
    up of the Ricketts Point landside part of Beaumaris Beach Park together
    with the adjoining treed and informal Point and Coral Avenues, is
    entirely in Ebden Ward.
  • The Beaumaris part of Ebden
    Ward, which contains the Gramatan Avenue Heathland Sanctuary, Donald
    MacDonald Reserve, Long Hollow Reserve, and Balcombe Park Reserve, has
    been badly affected by over-intensive and unduly obtrusive residential
    development, and there had, until Cr Derek Wilson was elected in 2003,
    been no significant resistance
    to that
    on behalf of the Ward, within the Council.
  • Beaumaris Conservation Society
    Inc. has, since 1970, been a Member Organization of Port Phillip
    Conservation Council Inc
    PPCC Inc. reminds us of the larger
    picture – that the fate of not only Ebden Ward, but all the coastal
    reserve land within Bayside is greatly influenced by the priorities of
    Bayside Council. The coastal reserve north of South Road is 5 km from
    Ebden Ward’s foreshore, but Ebden’s councillor, like all Bayside
    councillors, influences it too. There is no Crown foreshore reserve
    there – it is Bayside Council freehold, so the Victorian Government has
    less influence in that stretch.
  • More recently, Beaumaris
    Conservation Society Inc. has been a member of Save Our Suburbs Inc, which
    has been a splendid Melbourne-wide leader in the mounting concern
    people have over the Melbourne 2030 Plan. BCS Inc. considers that Cr
    Derek Wilson has the attitudes and abilities that we need to
    keep rigorously scrutinizing development proposals on our behalf.



Report on the 2005 Annual
General Meeting

The 53rd Annual General Meeting of the Society was held in
October 2005.

The only change
in the five office-bearers elected was Fiona Austin, who was elected as
Senior Vice-President, following the decision of Keith Holmes not to
stand again. Keith Holmes was elected as a Zone Leader for Zone 1. The
new faces on the Committee of Management
were Ian Wong, Christopher Sutton, and Rodney Nash.

Members were
pleased to hear Cr Ken Beadle report that the Council had just been
informed that its plan to intrude into part of the Ricketts Point Landside Crown Land Reserve had
not received the consent from the Minister for Environment, Hon. John
Thwaites MLA, required for works on coastal Crown land under the
Coastal Management Act 1995, and that therefore that threat to the
Ricketts Point Landside Reserve was removed.


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