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table rock

Beaumaris Foreshore Reserve between Rennison Street and Sparks Street, 7 March 2007

The prominent point and relatively large area of foreshore bushland reserve above is Table Rock
Point, where
the Friends of Table Rock have monthly weeding and planting sessions.
Click on the photo for a zoomable high resolution version.

Click here for the coast to the right where the 3 foreshore buildings near Table Rock are, from left
to right, a red-brick public toilet, the original red-brick boatshed of the First Beaumaris Sea Scouts,
and their newer, 1970s-era, bluestone boatshed near their jetty.

Click here for the coast at Sparks Street to see the large stormwater drainpipe from under
Sparks Street built soon after World War II, at the left of the masonry sea wall.

See the indigenous plants and the pest plants recorded on this section of the foreshore.                    Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc.