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  How BIG would the BMYS Ltd marina be?

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Total length of the two rock sea walls550 metres
Seabed area that would be covered by the 2 rock sea walls 1.200 hectares
Volume of basalt rocks to be dumped in the Bay to form the 2 rock sea walls 130,000 cubic metres
Volume of rocks to be dumped to create 3,740 sq metres of extra landfill 12,000 cubic metres
Total volume of rocks to be dumped in the Bay for the landfill and 2 sea walls 142,000 cubic metres
Height above mean sea level of the 2 rock sea walls?
Maximum width, on the seabed, of the rock sea walls?
Area of sea, with jetties for 116 boat berths, enclosed by the rock sea walls2.740 hectares
Area of existing lease from the Crown (Appendix A of lease) 1.200 hectares
Area of additional leasehold sought (more bay filling plus 2 rock sea walls) 1.774 hectares
Total filled leasehold area if additional areas granted 2.974 hectares
Total area of Beaumaris Bay that would be taken over by BMYS Ltd (all filled areas and sea covered or enclosed): 4.8 times the present area 5.714 hectares
Footprint area of 3-storey 78-boat stack shed (88 x 10 m x Cliff height) 880 square metres

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