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bmys ltd gate 2014



the unfriendly BMYS Ltd sign above to claim
these grounds are not for general public use?


allow a fence with a gate, which is lockable,
to exist, given the public access the lease

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The worthwhile
Action 11K
of Bayside City Council’s 2001 Black Rock –
Beaumaris Foreshore Master Plan
unimplemented so far, and no longer retrievable
from the Council’s

website, gives as a Priority 1:

“Re-inforce and encourage public access to the area surrounding the BMYS compound and associated jetty.”

The sign above is on a lockable gate, which happens to be usually unlocked, across public foreshore land leased to Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron Ltd, that Schedule C, Clause 15.3, of its Crown lease requires to be accessible to the public, on foot, at all times. Why then is a gate allowed to exist there at all, as it could be locked at any time?

Defects of this sign, especially the sentence “These grounds … are not for general public use.” are:

    • It is outside the exclusive area of the company’s lease, but is instead on an apparently needless gate that can be closed across a public thoroughfare at any time despite the lease requiring public access on foot at all times, and
    • No sign clarifies the legal right of public access that is a condition of the lease, making it likely that some members of the
      public will be misled into thinking that they have no right to go through this needless gateway.
bmys sign 2002bmys gate 2014


Ltd. signs in 2002

BMYS Ltd. lockable gate with the
signs  in 2014


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