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Campaign 1969A: Removal of foreshore vegetation
above Black Rock Point for a car park

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1969, the former Sandringham City
managed the Crown land
foreshore reserve at Black Rock on behalf of
the Victorian Governement. It proposed to
clear a large area of indigenous coastal
vegetation, at the left of the centre of the
photograph below, to build a paved car park
for a Yachting Regatta that year intended to
be opened by His Majesty, King Bhumibol of
, a skilled sailor



issue led to the formation – at the
instigation of the Beaumaris Conservation
– of a local
conservation organization, the Black

Rock and Sandringham Conservation
, which became a
founding Member Organization of the
newly-formed Port Phillip Conservation Council
Inc. Those organizations strongly opposed this
attack on a longstanding natural area that was
greatly loved by many.


Black Rock and nearby communities made it
abundantly clear that the short-sighted attack
on our foreshore was deeply resented, and the
Sandringham City Council fortunately responded
to concerns and abandoned the project. It
eventually turned out that King Bhumibol was unable to
attend the event.

The saved foreshore trees at
Black Rock Point opposite Arkaringa Crescent,
Black Rock, in 2007

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