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  Campaign 2016A: Retaining the Secondary College open space and vegetation

Documents provided by the Victorian School Building Authority


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* Arborist’s Report – Appendices A and B  (25 MB)* Vegetation Assessment  (440 KB) * Vegetation Retention  (500 KB) The low resolution and poor contrast of black text on a dark red background has caused some of the text in the tables in this document to be blurred and illegible. BCS Inc. has been urgently asking the VSBA for a legible copy with a higher resolution since 17 November 2016, but it has still not been provided. * Planting List: (300 KB) This list includes over 70% of the plants proposed as not indigenous to the site, and completely inconsistent with the adjacent Long Hollow and Balcombe Park bushland character. BCS Inc’s critique of that List warns that it would, if not replaced by an essentially indigenous plant list, produce a major long-term loss of the Australian bushland character of this central Beaumaris site. The area is a priceless asset so close to the centre of a rapidly overcrowding metropolis. * Planting Plan  (7 MB) * Map of the site  (730 KB)

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Link to the Port Phillip Conservation Council Inc. – BCS Inc. has been a Member Organization of it since 1970