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The Mayor and Councillors 
Bayside City Council 

Dear Mayor and Councillors, 

Desirability of Abandoning the “Minor Viewing Platform” originally proposed near “Moysey Gardens”  

Since Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc. wrote to Council on 22nd February 2003 expressing various concerns about the construction of “viewing platforms” on and near the “Moysey Gardens” (Melway 86F8), work on the “minor viewing platform” had begun, but was reportedly terminated, and then undone, because the ground on which the structure was being built proved to be geologically unstable. 

It would appear that the proposed “minor viewing platform” could now only be built on the site originally proposed for it if expert advice indicated that certain further measures need to be taken to re-inforce or stabilize the site. These would add to the cost of the work, and would involve further disturbance of and intrusion into the area, which would be opposed by this Society. 

Alternatively Council might be considering another site for the “minor viewing platform”. That would involve further disturbance of and intrusion into another part of Beach Park, which would also be opposed by BCS Inc. Can you inform us whether that would require a further application for a Planning Permit and consent under the Coastal Management Act 1995, please? 

It is understood that all of Beach Park near the “Moysey Gardens”, except for the “Moysey Gardens” itself, the foreshore car park near Keys Street, and the area leased by the Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron forms part of the Beaumaris Bay Fossil Site, which has been inscribed on the Register of the National Estate by the Australian Heritage Commission. BCS Inc. would certainly oppose any siting of the “minor” viewing platform on any part of the National Estate site. Although the only legal consequence of that important registration is to affect actions by the Commonwealth of Australia, such registration surely merits respect and consideration by the other levels of government in Australia. Unless such respect and treatment of such areas in the light of their registration and the reasons for that registration occurs, Australia is placed in the unfortunate position of having a national heritage system that is mainly notional, with very reduced quality in practice. 

Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc. considers for the above reasons that Council should abandon the proposal for building the “minor” viewing platform, and that any funds not spent on it should be directed to the far more important and necessary correction of the exotic and pest plant infestation that is so evident around this site. 

Yours sincerely, 

Ron Morris 
Acting Secretary 
Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc. 

cc.  Mr Doug Miller, Manager – Coast, Port Phillip Region, Department of Sustainability and Environment 
 Messrs Christopher Strong MLC, Noel Pullen MLC, and Murray Thompson MLA