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The Mayor and Councillors
Bayside City Council

Dear Mayor and Councillors,

Request that a Skateboard Facility in Beaumaris should not Involve the Loss of any Indigenous Vegetation

The chief concern of Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc. in relation to the above proposal is that a skateboard facility in Beaumaris, which is proposed at present at the Beaumaris Reserve, should not involve the deliberate or preventable accidental loss of any indigenous vegetation.

Provided that measures to ensure that there should be no such loss or impairment apply, we consider that the Beaumaris Reserve is probably one of the more suitable of the limited sites that Council would be prepared to use for this purpose.

Yours sincerely, 

Ron Morris 
Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc. 

cc.   Bayside City Councillors, Ian Wilson (CEO), Chris Strong MLC, Noel Pullen MLC, and Murray Thompson MLA