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The Mayor and Councillors 
Bayside City Council

Dear Mayor and Councillors,

to Retain the New Improved Uncluttered
View of the Concourse Green from Reserve Road, Beaumaris

Conservation Society Inc. congratulates Bayside City Council
for having, earlier this month, removed the numerous large, unsightly
steel supports
used to mount a repetitive group of banners from the eastern nature
strip of
Reserve Road, Beaumaris, alongside the Concourse Green.

The fine
treed and grassed public open space that the Concourse Green
provides can now be seen by those walking, cycling or motoring along
Road without its being marred and partly obscured by such tawdry,
municipal clutter, although we note that a number of similar banners
exist on electricity supply poles along that nature strip.

Conservation Society Inc. is very appreciative of the efforts
that Bayside City Council has been making in seeking better planning
for the Concourse Green by means of its proposed C35 Amendment to the
Planning Scheme, and considers it would be detrimental to the appeal of
Concourse Green, and inappropriate to the planning status now being
sought for
it, if the newly uncluttered nature strip here were to be subjected to
new promotional
structures or fittings. Such structures or fittings would significantly
from the fine qualities of the Concourse Green, and their imposition
would be
opposed by this Society. Would you please assure us that there are no
plans to
install such structures or fittings?

Yours sincerely, 

Ron Morris 
Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc. 

cc.   Bayside City Councillors, Ian Wilson (CEO),
Chris Strong MLC, Noel Pullen MLC, and Murray Thompson MLA