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Donations to Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc.

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Donations to Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc. are greatly appreciated, and may be sent to the postal address above, or may be paid by electronic funds transfer to our bank using the procedure shown by clicking here.



Donations are received once a year from Park Road Timber and Hardware, 27 Park Rd, Cheltenham – a Home Hardware store – under its Customer Loyalty Card program. Its customers can nominate a worthy organization to receive 3 per cent of the cost of the purchases they make in a financial year.

The collective amounts BCS Inc. has received for the following years are shown below. They are welcome, and the Society thanks both the BCS Inc. customers and the store:


Cheques received from Home Hardware have been:


2007-08, $27.00

2008-09, $23.00

2011-12, $23.00.


Link to the Port Phillip Conservation Council Inc., of which BCS Inc. has been a Member Organization since 1970