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Mr D Miller
Manager Coasts Port Phillip Region
30 Prospect Road

Dear Mr Miller, 

Opposition to Proposed Encroachment into Ricketts Point Landside foreshore reserve for car parking spaces 

Beach Road, opposite the Teahouse at Ricketts Point, has become a traffic hazard with vehicles doing right hand turns into the foreshore car parks when cars are parked at the kerb of Beach Road land side. Following traffic must stop and bank up leading to possible rear-end collisions.

To solve this problem Bayside City Council has obtained a grant for works to allow vehicles to complete right hand turns without hindering through traffic.

As you may be aware, at this point, between Hayden’s Road and Reserve Road there is a steep sand dune and coastal vegetation on the inland side of Beach Road with numerous Coastal Banksias more than 100 years old and an understorey of coastal shrubs. We are proud of this remnant of natural heritage which helps to give the area its pleasant coastal ambience.

Bayside Council is currently considering the removal of some of this vegetation, not to assist traffic movements, but for kerbside car parking. Council have advised that without kerbside parking, proposed works would not impact upon this valuable stand of coastal vegetation.

We consider that coastal vegetation and habitat should take priority over kerbside parking, particularly when only approximately 15 car parking spaces are mooted and there is an abundance of parking available on the foreshore opposite.

A copy of a plan of the proposals is attached for information. We would very much appreciate your assistance in helping to persuade Bayside City Council not to undertake works which would encroach upon valuable coastal vegetation.

Yours sincerely, 

R G Morris 
Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc.