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Click to see an aerial view
of the still leafy, livable site of 26
Deauville Street
– in the
heart of the Deauville Estate. Bayside
City Council refused a 2006 Application
for a Planning Permit for 2 two-storey
dwellings to be built on it. The Victorian
Civil and Administrative Tribunal upheld

Council’s refusal.



Tribunal did not, however, accept that
the wording of the covenants on land
titles in the Deauville Estate
restricted development to a single
dwelling per lot, but that the
restriction they imposed was a
limitation to residential purposes only,
which is reflected in the subsequently
introduced Bayside

Planning Scheme.


overdevelopment has not yet made its
mark in the Deauville Estate, as the
strong community spirit there has so
far deterred that.

VCAT has now officially recognized the
environmental qualities of the Deauville
Estate –

those qualities will nevertheless
still be under constant future attack,
and must be constantly defended!


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Conservation Council Inc. of which BCS Inc.
has been a Member Organization since 1970.