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The Mayor and Councillors

Bayside City Council

PO Box 27



Dear Mayor and Councillors,


Proposed Amendment C49 to Bayside Planning Scheme: Beaumaris Concourse Activity Centre


Preliminary Remarks: BCS Inc. takes exception to the prevalent response in Attachment 1 “Summary of Submissions” (Pages 71-87 of Agenda for General Committee Meeting of 18th July 2006), which refers throughout to the absence of certain objections being raised at the Working Group on the Concourse Structure Plan. BCS Inc. was represented on that Working Group by a single representative, whereas the written objections that BCS Inc. as a body has provided in its later submission of 27th March 2006 relate to the separate and distinct proposal for a Planning Scheme Amendment and are our major and considered compendium of objections to the actual final proposal on which judgement is now to be passed by the Council.


Recommendations to General Committee Meeting: BCS Inc. considers that the stock wording in the responses to our objections and most others in the “Response” column in the above Attachment 1 has been to issue a flat denial, and not to provide any argument, case or persuasion as to why the objection should not be sustained. BCS Inc. therefore maintains the position it took in its submission of 27th March 2006, particularly in relation to:

  • objection to more than two storeys,
  • objection to substantial increase in car parking proposed,
  • objection to failure to consider a PPRZ zoning for the Concourse Bushland, between Agnes Street and Moyseys Run.


Beaumaris Concourse Parking Precinct Plan August 2005: BCS Inc. considers that it is neither credible nor acceptable for a “plan” such as this to be silent about where the substantial increase in car parking provision is to actually occur.


BCS Inc. has already stated in its submission of 27th March 2006 that it considers the idea of CPI indexation rather than actual purchase and securing of land as a condition of approval is naïve, and fails to allow for the wide disparity between CPI rate of price increase and the typical rate of increase of Bayside commercial land prices. See article “Your rates and valuations” on Page 11 of Bayside City Council’s magazine, Bayside News, Issue 23, 2006. The March 2006 Melbourne CPI annual increase is 2.8%, whereas the article quotes a mean of 9.3% per annum for Bayside commercial properties.


Further Modification in Recommendation: BCS Inc. further objects to the proposed modification of the advertised Amendment that would allow Council discretion to consider a waiver of parking spaces for the expansion of a retail use within the Beaumaris Concourse.


Yours sincerely,




Adrian Cerbasi