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Foreshore Planting by Beaumaris Conservation Society in earlier decades


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Our pages showing our Annual General Meeting minutes and Presidents’ Annual Reports occasionally mention some foreshore planting undertaken by BCS Inc. For example, foreshore planting is mentioned:

in 1957, there is mention of work to remove introduced creepers near the tennis court, which was at Burgess Street,

in 1971, Item H refers to the beginning of our replanting of the much-depleted Banksia integrifolia plants at Ricketts Point, and at the Landside Reserve,

in 1972, Item 2 refers to planting of Banksia integrifolia, and Item 8 mentions the start of the campaign to discontinue an obsolete foreshore tennis court so it could be replanted, which eventuated in 1976,

i1974, and 1975, planting of Banksia integrifolia near Ricketts Point is mentioned,

in 1976, in regard to the planting of a discontinued tennis court site at Burgess Street with four individual species planted there by BCS Inc. being named,

in 1978, mention of foreshore planting work,

in 1981, the 100 trees referred to would have been Banksia integrifolia planted to replace senile specimens near the end of Reserve Road,

in 1983, the Society expressed its complete opposition to removal of foreshore vegetation for a bicycle road, and it was not until 2013 that such a change occurred, with 2,400 square metres of foreshore bushland being lost, mostly to concrete, and

in 1993, the President’s Report noted the increased effort by the municipal council in planting and weeding on the Beaumaris foresehore.

Since 1983, foreshore planting has been solely undertaken by Council and its contractors.


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