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Hon. Andrew Robb, Federal Liberal MHR for Goldstein, (at right) with the Secretary (1st left), Zone 2 Leader (2nd left) and President (3rd left) of Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc, after a walk with them in July 2008 to inspect the roadside edge of the foreshore reserve.


That reserve, which is part of the Beaumaris Bay Fossil Site on the Register of the National Estate, is of national and international importance, but it is threatened with losing 100 trees or more if VicRoads will not meet Bayside City Council’s request for a  350-metre extension of the nearby “Safety Section”, which has been reduced from the 4 motor lanes elsewhere to a single motor lane each way, to give room on the Beach Road bitumen for the bicycle road extension.


To provide the full width for the bicycle road, that alteration in lane format should also involve removing the little-used central turning lane, as has been requested by a 2011 resolution of Bayside City Council.