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Edith (Bea) Hosking, Foundation President of the
Beaumaris Tree Preservation Society



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Mrs Bea Hosking was the first President of the
Beaumaris Tree
Preservation Society
, which began at its Inaugural General Meeting
on 28 January 1953. The Society changed its name
to the Beaumaris Conservation Society in 1970.

Bea Hosking was a trustee
of the Gramatan Avenue
Heathland Sanctuary
, which the former Sandringham

City Council leased to the Beaumaris Tree
Preservation Society, for the thirty years from
1960 to 1990.
Bea had a strong interest
in the indigenous flora of Beaumaris,
particularly its outstanding heathland
flora, and she worked at the Gramatan
Avenue Heathland
for all of those thirty
Bea was made an Honorary
Life Member
of Beaumaris Conservation
Society Inc. at the 1987
Annual General Meeting.

Bea, and her husband Norman Hosking, lived at ‘Coronet Hill‘,
Coronet Grove, Beaumaris. She was born on 18
January 1918, and died on 05 May 1997. She had
been a long-term member of St Michael and All
Angels Anglican

Church, Beaumaris.

Her daughter, Dr Marian Hosking, and son, Mr
David Hosking, represented Bea Hosking’s prime

place in the Society’s annals at its 60th Anniversary
, at the Beaumaris Community
Centre, 96 Reserve Road, Beaumaris, on Sunday,
19 May 2013.