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SKATEBOARD RAMP proposed for Donald MacDonald Reserve site




*2007 – BAYSIDE COUNCIL DETAILS of specific, largely grassed area, just north of Donald MacDonald Reserve football pavilion, for a proposed junior SKATEBOARD RAMP

*BAYSIDE LEADER PHOTOGRAPH AND ARTICLE:  Report on 26th June 2007 of Bayside Council approval for a concrete SKATEBOARD RAMP in Donald MacDonald Reserve

*1970s – AERIAL VERTICAL PHOTO of Donald MacDonald Reserve showing the area proposed for the ramp. That area had more trees on it then and less mown kikuyu grass.


BUSHLAND MANAGEMENT PLAN: Bayside City Council’s Donald  MacDonald Reserve Bushland Management Plan July 1996


VPO2: The entire Donald MacDonald Reserve is one of only 4 Beaumaris sites with a BUSHLAND Vegetation Protection Overlay VPO2 in the Bayside Planning Scheme MAP

* NET GAIN: “Victoria’s Native Vegetation Management – A Framework for Action”, incorporated in the Bayside Planning Scheme, claims NET GAIN to be a Main Goal.

*ATTEMPTS SINCE 2004: Click here to view the attempts by Bayside City Council since 2004 to determine a site for its proposed concrete SKATEBOARD RAMP in Beaumaris.

Link to the Port Phillip Conservation Council Inc., of which BCS Inc. has been a Member Organization since 1970