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Indigenous Bayside

For more than 45,000 years, Indigenous people have left signs of their occupation in Australia. This heritage remains evident in Bayside.

Our statement of commitment to Indigenous Australians

Indigenous culture and heritage is respected and appreciated by the Bayside community who will work together to create a better future for all Australians.

Bayside City Council:

  • Recognises that before Anglo-European settlement the Boon wurrung people were the traditional inhabitants of the land that now comprises the City of Bayside;
  • Acknowledges that this land was colonised without the consent of the original inhabitants;
  • Recognises the distinctive relationship that indigenous people have with local land and waters, including trees, hills and valleys, creeks and coast of Bayside;
  • Regrets past misunderstandings and injustices experienced by Australia’s indigenous communities including the confiscation of traditional lands, and the implementation of policies which had the effect of extinguishing indigenous practices, language and culture;
  • Supports people of Australia working together for the development of a formal instrument of reconciliation;
  • Acknowledges the right of the indigenous people of Australia to live, subject to Australian law, according to their own values and customs and is committed to respecting indigenous sacred sites and significant places;
  • Acknowledges the value, significance, diversity and strength of indigenous cultures to the heritage of all Australians, and is committed to working with indigenous people to research local stories and sites of significance to indigenous people, assisting them to record and present their histories;
  • Records its appreciation of the initiatives already taken by indigenous and non-indigenous people in assisting Council and the community to understand and appreciate indigenous heritage and culture;
  • Commits to consultation – on matters of mutual concern – with representatives of the Boon wurrung people and any other legitimately constituted group representing indigenous culture and heritage.

Historic information accuracy and interpretation

The information we have collated provides an overview of the efforts of the community of Bayside to understand and celebrate this heritage.

Please note that differences in interpretation of Bayside cultural heritage exists. The content contained on this website does not wish to confirm one interpretation over another, but aims to reference and consolidate existing information from a variety of sources.