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Please join BCS by one of the methods below.

CREDIT CARD ONLINE: The easiest way to apply to join Beaumaris Conservation Society – or to renew an existing membership – is to click on the Payment Page to enter your required contact details and Code Letter there, and pay the application fee for that Code Letter, which corresponds to one of the four classes of membership below, by a Visa or Mastercard credit card.

That Code and your payment of one of those four fees – plus any donation you might kindly choose to make – will indicate the class of membership that you are applying for, and will be deemed to constitute, in accordance with the Constitution of Beaumaris Conservation Society, your agreement to be bound by the Rules of the Society, as detailed at
  •     Code A:  Individual membership (01 July to 30 June)                                                      $10.00
  •     Code B:  Family membership (01 July to 30 June, 2 voting members in a household)    $15.00
  •     Code C:  Life membership (once only payment)                                                             $200.00
  •     Code D:  Member body (01 July to 30 June, for organizations)                                       $25.00
After BCS has received your payment and application, the Treasurer will email you a receipt for it. Once the Management Committee has admitted you as a member, the Treasurer will email you advice of your having been admitted.
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* Alternatively, you can make an ELECTRONIC FUNDS TRANSFER instead. To use this method:
* If you do not have a printer or scanner,
      OR post the completed form and a cheque to PO Box 7016, BEAUMARIS VIC 3193.

      OR telephone one of the numbers above to arrange to bring your form and cash to the Treasurer.