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Edward O’Donohue MLC, Victoria’s Parliamentary Secretary for Transport, (2nd left), and the local member of Parliament, Murray Thompson, MLA for Sandringham, (2nd right) with the President (at left) and the Senior Vice-President ( at right) of Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc, during a walk with them in June 2011 to inspect the roadside edge of the National Estate section of the Beaumaris foreshore reserve.


BCS Inc. officers pointed out to Mr O’Donohue that the foreshore reserve, which is part of the Beaumaris Bay Fossil Site on the Register of the National Estate, is of national and international importance, but is threatened with losing over 100 trees if VicRoads will not agree to Bayside City Council’s request for a c. 350 metre extension of the nearby 2-lane safety section to give room on the Beach Road bitumen for the bicycle road extension. Click here to see other MPs that have inspected the route.


Mr O’Donohue, as the Parliamentary Secretary for Transport, works closely with the Minister for Transport. He was accompanied on the walk with two officers of VicRoads, who were able to respond to matters raised, and take note of other matters that required further consideration.


Bayside City Council has called on VicRoads to provide space on Beach Road by modifying the 2-lane safety section design to dispense with the little-used central turning lane. BCS Inc. met with Mr David Davis MLC at Parliament House in 2008.