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Mrs. (Bea) Hosking chaired the meeting, and there were 20 other members present.

Apologieswere received from Mrs. Craig, and Mrs. Bernard Carroll

Minutesof the previous Committee meeting, held on 2nd May (1955), were read.

Treasurer’s ReportBank balance stands at £123-15-7. £5-3-3 has been paid in since, making a total of of £128-18-10.

CorrespondenceLetters were read from Beaumaris Traders Association 
Mr. Swaby 
Mr. Brooks 
Mr. Schubert

Business arising1.  The Beaumaris Traders Association intends approaching the Council for permission to plant trees around the Council-owned land in Keys St., on the corner of Tramway Parade. They requested this Society to support their application, & to assist in the selection & obtaining of suitable trees. 

After some discussion, Mr. Plumridge moved that the Committee should investigate further, and consider a plan for the future development of this block, with a view to keeping it as a park area. Mrs. Rogers seconded the motion. 

2.  Mr. Swaby’s point that we might run into difficulties holding the Nature Plant Display on a Sunday was discussed. It was decided that since we were not charging for entrance, or selling anything on Sunday, it was unlikely that we would have trouble. Mr (William) Leech moved that the correspondence be accepted. This was seconded by Mrs (Cath) Carroll.

 General Business 1. MacDonald Park: Mr. (Eric) Meehan gave a resumé of a discussion held at the Park with Mr. Brooks on 28th May (1955). As a result of this discussion, Mr. Brooks had put a proposal to the Field Naturalists Club, suggesting that a committee of local people be formed to advise the Sandringham Council on matters concerning the Park, & to carry out maintenance & replanting of the Park. The Field Naturalists had appointed two of their members to be on such a committee in an advisory capacity. Mr. Brooks had asked Mr. Meehan to form this committee. Mr. Meehan proposed that 3 representatives of the Parents’ & Citizens’ Association be on the committee – these would be Mr. Morton, Mr. Williams & himself. The Field Naturalist representatives would be Mr. A.E. Brooks & Mr Echberg. Nominations were received for the following members of the Tree Preservation Society – Mr. Scott, Mr. (Colin) Macrae, Mrs. (Sheila) Ridland, Mr. Sinclair, Mr. Russell, Mr. Rogers and Mr. McLeod. 

It was decided that all these people should become members of the committee. Mr (John) Carroll then moved that a local committee be formed to act in an advisory capacity to the Sandringham Council on the management of the MacDonald Park, and that the Parents’ & Citizens’ Association be asked to undertake the work necessary to have the body formed. This was seconded by Mr. Plumridge & the motion was passed. 

Leaflets. Entries received for the Slogan Competition. It was decided that the best entry was “Beau-maris or Bare-maris“, sent by Mrs. Greene, of Scott St. Mrs. (Patricia) Sinclair reported that the estate agents contacted were keen to have a poster. Anyone issued with a building permit is being sent a leaflet. 

Native Plant Display. Mrs. (Bea) Hosking reported that Mr. Reeves will show his coloured slides on the Saturday evening. Mr. Wyatt offered to bring along a display of flowers from his own garden, and from friends. This offer was accepted with thanks. The following members offered to help on 1st. & 2nd. October, Mrs. Outhred, Mrs. Orchard, Mr. (John) Carroll, Mrs. Foster, Mrs Rodgers, Mrs. Lester, Mrs. Russell and Mr. (Eric) Meehan. Members were asked to collect jars or suitable tins to hold exhibits. 

Planting. It was reported that the Returned Services League and the Pasadena Playground are ready to be planted. The committee will draw up plans. 

Dunlop Estate. Mr.(Eric) Meehan reported that several residents had enquired if they could plant trees in their nature-strips. He will put notice in the “Newsletter”, stating conditions under which trees have previously been planted in streets, & the Council’s attitude. 

There being no further business, the meeting concluded at 9:45 p.m. 

 S.M. Ridland,  Secretary

Passed & confirmed:-                                                                                                                            E. (Bea) Hosking, President
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