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The meeting was chaired by Mr.
Eric Meehan, and there were 23 members present.
Minutesof the 2nd Annual Meeting were read and accepted on a
motion put by Mr. (William)
Leech and seconded by Mrs
(Patricia) Sinclair.
Apologieswere received from Mrs Stock,
Mrs Webb, and Mrs. Outhred.
President’s Report
for the year was read by Mrs. (Edith [Bea]) Hosking. This covered the
first two Native Plant Displays, the 1954 barbecue stalls,
the distribution of leaflets and an outline of the form of
a new one to be printed, the planting of street trees, and
the preparation of a plan of planting for the Returned
Services League and the efforts to obtain a sanctuary for
wild flowers. Mr. (William)
Ridland proposed that the president’s report be accepted.
This was seconded by Mrs. Rodger. Mr (John) Carroll spoke in
support of the motion, and added that he felt that the
Society was to be complimented on the amount of work
undertaken and the scope of their activities. He recalled
that the society had been envisaged by certain members of
the Parents’ & Citizens’ Association, but it was not
until Mrs. (Edith [Bea])
Hosking undertook to convene the first

meeting, and became its first president that their
idea bore fruit.



The Treasurer, Mrs. (Catherine)
Carroll, reported that the
Society’s funds now stood at £235-13-4, and gave a
detailed account of the financial business of the Society
for the year. Mr. (William)
Leech proposed that the Treasurer’s Report be adopted,
adding that he felt that the Society should be
congratulated on their sound financial position. Mr.
Plumridge seconded the motion. Mrs. (Edith

[Bea]) Hosking moved a vote of thanks
to the Secretary, Mrs. (Sheila)
Ridland, the retired Assistant Secretary, Mrs. (Susanne) Macdougall, and the
present Assistant Secretary, Mrs. Rodger, for their work during the year. This
was seconded by Mrs. Haddrick.

Election of Office-bearers
for the coming year then took place. 
Mr. Colin Macrae was elected
president, nominated by Mrs. (Edith

[Bea]) Hosking and seconded by Mr. (William) Leech. Mr. (Colin) Macrae thanked the
members, and expressed the Society’s appreciation of Mrs.
(Edith [Bea])
Hosking’s 3 years work as president, and regret at her
decision to retire from the office. He also expressed
appreciation of the work of Mr. (Norman)
Hosking and his team of helpers in running the Coconut Shy
at the 1954 Barbecue on our behalf. 
Mrs. (Bea) Hosking
was elected vice-president, nominated by Mr. (Colin) Macrae, seconded by
Mr. (William)
Mrs. (Sheila) Ridland
was elected secretary, nominated by Mrs. (Edith [Bea])
Hosking, seconded by Mrs. (Catherine)
Mrs. Rodger was elected assistant secretary,
nominated by Mrs. (Edith [Bea])
Hosking, seconded by Mrs. (Patricia)
Mrs. (Patricia) Sinclair

was elected treasurer, nominated by Mrs. (Catherine) Carroll,
seconded by Mrs. Rodger. 

The following members were elected to the Planting
– Mr. (William)
Leech, Mr. Plumridge, Mr. Scott, Mr. Glass, Mrs.
Bartholomew, Mr. (Edward)
Hassett, Mr. Hickey and Mrs. Nickels & Mrs.

The following members were elected to the general
– Mrs. (Susanne)
McDougall, Mrs. (Catherine)
Carroll, Mr. (William)
Leech, Mr. Plumridge, Mr. Scott, Mr. (Edward) Hassett, Mrs.
Bartholomew, Mrs. Nickels & Mrs. Webb. 
They were nominated by Mr. (John)
Carroll and seconded by Mr. (William)
Mr. John Carroll was elected Parents’ &
Citizens’ Association liaison officer
, nominated
by Mrs. (Edith [Bea])
Hosking, seconded by Mr. Plumridge. 
The chairman handed over the meeting at this stage to
the President, Mr (Colin) Macrae. 

Mr. (Eric) Meehan
moved a vote of thanks to the retiring Committee,
expressing the opinion that the Society’s aims and the
way it worked were most praiseworthy. Mrs. Feeley
seconded the motion. 



Mr. (Colin)
Macrae pointed out that the previous Committee had
indicated to the Sandringham Council that we would be
willing to donate £50 towards the cost of fencing a
sanctuary for wildflowers and asked members for approval
of this. Mr. (Edward)
Hassett moved that the Society donate £50 for this
purpose. The motion was seconded by Mr. (Eric) Meehan. At Mr. (William) Ridland’s
suggestion, it was further indicated that the committee
has the approval of members to increase this sum if it is
considered necessary. 

A discussion took place as to whether this Society
should try to buy land for a sanctuary if the Council
fails to. 

Mr. (Eric) Meehan
expressed the opinion that the matter was of great
importance and put a motion that, failing acquisition of
land for a sanctuary by the Council, this Society should
make every effort to secure the four blocks in Gramatan
Ave. Mr. (Jack) Scott seconded this and the
motion was carried. 

Mr. (Edward)
Hassett moved that the Society should contact the Stella
Maris people, and offer them our advice when they intend
clearing their land, and suggest to them that they only
clear sufficient land for their immediate needs. Mr. (William) Leech seconded
this and offered to follow up the letter by a personal

Mr (Eric) Meehan
gave the meeting a resumé of events leading up to the
formation of the committee to advise the Council on the
care & maintenance of the MacDonald Park, and the
advice since offered. He informed members of the date of
the next working bee, where it is intended to spread tan
bark around the memorial. Mr (John)
Carroll drew attention to the fact that the roads around
the new shopping concourse are now nearly complete. He
also suggested that appreciation should be recorded of
the help given to the committee by many people during
street-planting and at the Display. He mentioned
particularly Mr (Rae)
Sinclair’s assistance to the treasurer, and Mr (William) Ridland’s help
during the display. He moved that Mr (Rae) Sinclair be
appointed honorary auditor. This was seconded by Mr. (Jack) Scott. 

A vote of thanks was given to Mr. (Eric) Meehan for
chairing the meeting, and for his information about (Donald) MacDonald Park.

There being no further business, the meeting was
declared closed at 9.30 p.m.
Sheila Ridland  (Hon. Secretary)
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