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PresentMr (Colin) Macrae chaired the meeting & there were 15 members present.

Apologieswere received from Mrs. Rodger, Mrs. Stock, Mrs. McDougall, Mrs. Leicester, Mrs. Craig, & Mr Roberson.

Minutesof the previous general meeting were read and accepted – moved Mrs. (Bea) Hosking, seconded Mr. (E.) Hassett.

Correspondence1.  A notice from the Native Plants Preservation Society of Victoria about an exhibition of Mr. Reeves photographs. 

2.  The letter from the council concerning its new policy regarding street planting was read. The proposed reply was also read and approved on a motion put by Mr. (E.) Hassett, seconded by Mrs. Sinclair. The correspondence was accepted, moved Mr. Plumridge seconded Mr. Scott.

General BusinessThe rest of the meeting was spent in arranging the final details for the flower display, the following items being discussed. 
1.  Trestle tables. Arrangements were made for picking these up from Sandringham, & it was moved by Mrs. (Bea) 
     Hosking, seconded by Mr. (William) Elliott that up to £7 should be spent on hiring a further 100 feet of trestles. 
2.  All men present were asked to help set up the hall on the Friday evening. 
3.  Certain members offered to pick up the various exhibits – details to be arranged later. 
4.  Mrs. Nickels will be in charge of the sale of the new booklet and cards. Mrs. Russell will help. 
5.  Mrs. Haddrick will look after the pottery and Stella Turner’s flower pictures. 
6.  Mr. (Colin) Macrae will act as night watchman in the hall on Saturday night. 
7.  Mrs. Orchard and Mrs. Leicester will organise tea and food for workers. 
8.  Mrs. (Cath) Carroll will look after the money at the door with the help of Mr. Sinclair 
9.  Mrs. Scott & Mrs. Russell will write labels on Saturday morning. 
10. Paper & pencils will be provided at the door. 
11. After some discussion of the difficulties likely to arise in the free flow of cars, Mr. (E.) Hassett offered to contact 
     the police, and ask them to make suitable arrangements. 
12. Mrs. (Bea) Hosking moved, and Mrs. Nickels seconded a motion that a vote of thanks be passed to Mrs. (Sue) McDougall for her work on the Christmas card and the poster. The motion was unanimously passed.
Mr. Plumridge moved and Mr. (William) Leech seconded a further motion that up to £3 be made available to Mrs. (Sue) McDougall to cover the cost of paints and paper.

The meeting closed at 10:20 p.m.

S. (Sheila) Ridland  Hon. Sec.
 Passed & confirmed

C. (Colin) Macrae

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