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The meeting was held at “Coronet Hill”, and 21 members were present.
Apologieswere received from Mrs. Rodger, Mrs. Forrester, Mr. (John) Carroll, Mr. (William) Ridland, Mr. (Jack) Scott, and Mr. Feeley.
MinutesMinutes of the 3rd. annual general meeting were read and accepted – moved Mrs. Feeley, seconded Mrs. (Edith [Bea]) Hosking.
CorrespondenceA few of the letters received congratulating the Society on the recent Native Plants Display, and on the new booklet, were read.
Treasurer’s ReportThe Treasurer presented a detailed report of the years accounts, together with details of the accounts for the Native Plants Display. Copies of these were made available to members. The total amount credited to the Society is now £329-15-3. This amount included £176-19-4 from the Native Plants Display. The Treasurer’s Report was accepted on a motion put by Mr (Edward) Hassett and seconded by Mr (William) Elliott. 
President’s reportThe president, Mr. (Colin) Macrae, gave a summary of the year’s activities. This covered the planting plans worked out for the Beaumaris Traders Association, the Fourth, Hornby, Hilton & Bolton Sts. Association and the School Committee for the Beaumaris State School. Street planting had been undertaken in Scott, Haldane & Dalgetty Rd. replacing damaged trees; publicity had been catered for by the production of a new leaflet early in the year, 5 posters drawn by Mrs. (Susanne) McDougall, and by the publication of the new booklet “More about native plants & seaside gardens”. This last had received considerable attention, & following on a review in The Age by Mr Clerehan, orders were received from many different places for over 200 copies. There was a request from the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Library. 

Mr. (Colin) Macrae outlined the steps taken to obtain a sanctuary for heathland plants in Gramatan Ave., but no definite answer has yet been received from the Government or the Council regarding the ultimate decision on this.
The Natural History Medallion Committee had invited the Society to nominate a candidate for the annual award, & had also invited us to have a representative on the General Committee. It had been decided to support Miss (Winifred) Waddell’s nomination, & Mrs. (Edith [Bea]) Hosking had been elected as our representative. Other activities during the year were the spreading of tanbark in the (Donald) MacDonald reserve, a general meeting at which Mr Jackson showed films of the Snowy River scheme & a visit to Mrs Couberry’s garden. Our subscription to the Native Plants Preservation Society of Victoria had been renewed. 

Steps had also been taken to persuade the Council to rescind their new policy of allowing only one tree to be planted in front of each house. Not reply has been received yet.
The third Native Plants Display in the East Beaumaris Hall had been most successful, & thanks were given to all exhibitors and helpers. Special mention was made of the help received from Mr. Swaby, Mrs. Haddrick, Mrs. (Vera) Orchard, Mrs. Leicester, Mr. & Mrs. Russell and Mrs. Hassett. 

Mr. (Colin) Macrae then invited Mr. (Edward) Hassett to take the chair while the office-bearers for the coming year were elected. The following members were elected. 
President – Mrs. (Edith [Bea]) Hosking      Proposed Mr. (Colin) Macrae   Seconded Mrs. (Catherine) Carroll 
Vice-president – Mrs. (Sheila) Ridland       Proposed Mrs. (Edith [Bea]) Hosking 
                                                                    Seconded Mrs (Patricia) Sinclair 
Secretary – Mr. (Colin) Macrae                  Proposed Mrs. (Sheila) Ridland Seconded Mr. (William) Leech 
Assist/Sec. – Mrs. Rodger                           Proposed Mr. (William) Leech 
                                                                    Seconded by Mrs. (Susan) McDougall 
Treasurer – Mrs. (Patricia) Sinclair           Proposed Mrs. (Edith [Bea]) Hosking 
                                                                   Seconded Mr. (Colin) Macrae 

Committee members. 
Mr. Stevenson   proposed Mr. (Colin) Macrae                     seconded Mr. (William) Elliott 
Mrs. Hickey      proposed Mrs. (Patricia) Sinclair               seconded  Mrs. (Sheila) Ridland 
Mr. (Edward) Hassett, Mrs. Nickels, Mr. (William) Elliott, Mrs. Bartholomew, Mr. Scott, Mrs. (Catherine) Carroll, Mr. Plumridge, Mr. (William) Leech,
proposed by Mrs. (Susan) McDougall seconded Mr. Craig 

Parents’ & Citizens’ Association liaison officer Mr. (John) Carroll
Proposed Mrs. (Patricia) Sinclair seconded Mrs. (Susan) McDougall 

The new president, Mrs. (Edith [Bea]) Hosking, then took the chair.

General BusinessA discussion took place regarding the planting of Anita St. It was decided that two members should canvass the residents to find out what trees they would prefer. 

Mr. Stevenson suggested that when a tree is planted a brief description of the habit of growth & other characteristics of the tree should be given to the householder. It was decided to defer further discussion of this to a committee meeting. 

Mr. Wyatt told members that the Field Naturalists would be holding an exhibition in the Prahran Town Hall. 

Mrs. (Edith [Bea]) Hosking thanked the retiring president & secretary for their work during the year, & then declared the meeting closed.

S. (Sheila) Ridland  (Hon. Secretary)

Passed & confirmed. –

C. (Colin) Macrae

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