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APOLOGIESMrs Stock, Miss Sim, Miss Thomas, Mrs Simon, Mrs (Vera) Orchard, Mrs (Anne) Forbes, Mr Plumridge, Mr Watts, 
Mr Lancaster, Mr Hamilton, Mr (Edward) Hassett 
were read and moved Mr HICKEY 2nd Mrs NICKELS that the minutes be accepted.
TREASURERS REPORTBalance in hand at this date £576-17-2. Moved Mrs (Sheila) RIDLAND 2nd Mrs Russell that the report be received.
A/C FOR PAYMENTNone received.
PRESIDENTS REPORTMrs (Edith [Bea]) HOSKING read her report of the year’s activities to the meeting as follows – 
Ladies & Gentlemen – as we have come to the end of another year I should like to tell you briefly what has happened since the last annual meeting – 

The first task before us was the Planting of Anita Street. This was undertaken following a survey of residents’ wishes in the matter conducted by Mr. (Edward) Hassett. On the 27th April (1957) 40 trees were planted. 

There were the quarterly meetings held at the Kindergarten Hall, Bodley Street. Following a suggestion by Mr Stephenson it was agreed to hold these meetings and invite speakers to address the Society on various subjects of interest. The first lecture was in February by Mr John Stephen on landscaping of Australian Gardens. This meeting was a success as also were those following throughout the year. 
MayMr Swaby spoke on Planting & Cultivation of Australasian Plants in private gardens. 
AugustMr Jackson of Murray Valley Development League supplied us with films with Snowy River Scheme & Erosion and its effects. 
OctoberMr Bill Harney gave a most interesting and amusing talk on Legends of aborigines at Ayers Rock. 

Mrs (Edith [Bea]) Hosking went on to speak of the SANCTUARY in GRAMATAN Avenue
After a bad start with the State and Commonwealth Governments not being able or willing to assist us to get the Reserve, things changed for the better and the Council finally passed a motion agreeing to buy the land and to let the Society erect a suitable fence. Now after two years effort it appears as if the sanctuary will become a fact. The Native Plants Preservation Society have given us £105-0-0 including £5-0-0 from Miss (Winifred) Waddell herself. 

FIELD NATS. This Society is now a member of the Field Naturalists Club, and the monthly magazine will be available for members. 

Beaumaris Bowling Club requested suggestions for a layout of Native Plants. The Society recommended Mr Glen Wilson, who at once assisted by drawing up an interesting arrangement at no charge to them. We understand that the plants will be purchased from Native Growers. 

Clearing of Foreshore. As the Council was not prepared to clear the cliff top along Beach Road, the Society asked and finally obtained permission to cut down the creepers and noxious weeds that are killing the Tea Tree. The Council agreed to remove whatever is cut down. 

FLOWER SHOW – The 4th annual Flower Show was held on October 5th & 6th (1957) at the Wells Rd Hall. This was, we are happy to say, another success. Use was made of a counting which enabled an estimate of adults attending the show. The total for the two days was over 2200 people not including children. We had the usual generous response from growers both private and professional. Many of the species shown were on display for the first time by our Society. Great assistance was given us as in past years by Mr Swaby, Mr Brookes, Mrs Bennett & Mr (Maurice) Wilson in identifying and naming the rarer species. We have to thank the following members – Mr & Mrs John Carroll, Mr & Mrs Russell, Mrs Simon, Mrs Lightfoot, for general assistance throughout the Show, Mrs (Vera) Orchard & Mrs (Anne) Forbes for their untiring work in providing numerous cups of tea and sandwiches for the committee and helpers. 

We also have to thank Mr Riley for his loan of flower paintings and Mr Rush for his interesting display of orchids, Mr Reeves for lending us his photos and Mrs (Susan) MacDougall for her painting of flowers. 

The members of the committee and their wives and husbands, who assisted before, during and after the Show worked as hard as ever and thus ensured the Show being a success. 

MOOMBA NATURE SHOW – We are also represented on the Moomba Nature Show. This show is to be held in March next year. It will be a large diorama – a bush scene complete with trees, shrubs, flowers, birds and animals in a natural arrangement. 

Each society taking part will have space to sell and display their pamphlets. We have subscribed £5-0-0 towards expenses of this show, wich we trust you will approve. 

NEW BOOKLET – A new booklet, our third; will be produced at this Moomba Show. Completely new in all respects there will be interesting articles such as use of Rocks in Native Gardens, Native Plant Propagation, and so on. 

SANDRINGHAM HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY – We have been requested to assist this society to stage a showing of Australian Plants as part of their display during Sandringham Civic Week, Saturday 23rd November (1957) from 2.30 – 9 P.M. Flowers are being obtained from Tasmania & Kangaroo Island and there should be some interesting plants to be seen. Mr Swaby and Mr Brookes will be naming the plants. 

This Society will assist with the display and endeavour to explain the plants to interested persons. 

As you can see from this description of the past year’s activities we have been fairly busy and look like being even more so next year. 

The quarterly lectures are almost all booked up already. We hope to hold the first of them next February. 

Mrs (Edith [Bea]) Hosking went on to convey her personal thanks to the Secretary and to Mrs Rodger for her unfailing assistance and her work as Publicity Officer for the Society, Mr (Rae) & Mrs (Patricia) Sinclair for their work as Treasurers and Mrs (Patricia) Sinclair for her work in handling the sale of booklets during the year. 

The best news is saved for the last. Perhaps the most important thing we have to tell you is this – the Sandringham Council has, after years of hesitation, finally agreed to purchase 4 blocks of land, well covered with original Beaumaris Heathland flora, which we trust will show many future generations what has been utterly destroyed elsewhere. This will also be a good feeding ground for native birds. 

In many of these fenced in Sanctuaries that the Native Plants Preservation Society have founded, most interesting plant revivals have been observed. 

It is to be hoped now that the Council has shown such wise forethought that many more people of the City of Sandringham will learn to know and appreciate their native flowers. A generous gift towards the cost of fencing the Sanctuary has come from the Native Plants Preservation Society of £100 and £5-0-0 from Miss (Winifred) Waddell. 

Received – Moved Mr M. (Maurice) Wilson 2nd Mr (William) Leech

PRESIDENT – Proposed Mrs. (Edith [Bea]) Hosking  2nd Mr Wilson that Mrs (Sheila) RIDLAND be elected.                                                                             carried unopposed
VICE PRESIDENT – Proposed Mrs (Sheila) Ridland 2nd Mrs (Catherine) Carroll that Mrs (Edith [Bea]) Hosking be elected.                                                           carried unopposed
SECRETARY – Proposed Mrs (Edith [Bea]) Hosking 2nd Mrs Bartholomew that Mr (Colin) Macrae be elected.                                                                     carried
ASSISTANT SECRETARY – Proposed Mrs Russell 2nd Mr William Leech that Mrs Rodger be elected.                                                                                  carried
TREASURER – Proposed Mrs (Patricia) Sinclair 2nd Mrs (Edith [Bea]) Hosking that Mr Scott be elected.                                                                                carried
COMMITTEE – Proposed Mrs (Edith [Bea]) Hosking 2nd Mrs Bartholomew that the following members be elected – 
Mrs Russell, Mr (William) Leech, Mr (Maurice) Wilson, Mr Stephenson, Mrs Nickels, Mrs Bartholomew, Mrs Hickey, Mr (Edward) Hassett, Mr (John) & Mrs (Catherine) Carroll, Mr Plumridge & Mr Pettersen, Mr Bill Elliott.                                            carried. 

AUDITOR – Proposed Mrs (Edith [Bea]) Hosking 2nd Mrs (Catherine) Carroll that Mr Rae Sinclair be elected.                                                                                  carried 

Moved Mr Hickey that these office bearers be chosen from and by the Committee later. 2nd Mrs. (Edith [Bea]) Hosking.

GENERAL BUSINESSMrs (Sheila) Ridland, the newly elected president, thanked Mr John Carroll for his help in “chairing” the meeting while office bearers were elected. 

MEMBERS FEES now became due. Mr Scott, the Treasurer, received subscriptions. 

CLIFF CLEARING WORKING BEES –  Mrs (Edith [Bea]) Hosking moved, 2nd Mr (Maurice) Wilson, that the 1st Saturday in each month be the day selected & the first one to be on 7 Dec 1957 at 2 P.M. near the Tennis Courts. 

SANCTUARY – Mr (Maurice) Wilson suggested that any agreement drawn up by this Society with the City Council should state the actual use to which the land is to be put and who is to be responsible for its maintenance. 

COMMITTEE MEETING – The next Committee meeting is to be on Wednesday 27th November 1957.

The meeting closed at 11:45

SECRETARY                                                                                                                           PRESIDENT 
 C. (Colin) Macrae                                                                                                                      Sheila Ridland