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APOLOGIESMrs Nichels Mr Forbes Mr (John) Carroll Mrs Pettersen
MINUTES OF PREVIOUS GENERAL MEETINGMoved Mr (Maurice) Wilson 2nd Mrs (Edith [Bea]) Hosking that Minutes be received.
CORRESPONDENCE – Letter of resignation from Mrs Nickels 
Letter from W.Cane 
    ”       ”     Mrs Gray 
Moved Mr Stephenson 2nd Mrs (Susan) McDougall that correspondence be received.
TREASURERS REPORTBalance in hand £154-4-0. Moved Mr (Maurice) Wilson 2nd Mrs (Catherine) Carroll that the report be received.
PRESIDENTS REPORTMrs (Sheila) Ridland gave a report on the past year’s activities of the Association. She outlined such activities as the working parties each month on the foreshore reserve, and the successful conversion of the Parents’ & Citizens’ Association to our ideas on the matter, the bimonthly meetings at the Kindergarten Hall so ably arranged by Mrs (Patricia) Sinclair, and the work done by the Society in connection with the Moomba Nature Display. Mrs (Sheila) Ridland also reported the welcome news of the fencing of the Heathland Flora Reserve in Gramatan Avenue after four years of effort to get the area set aside for the protection of the last of the Beaumaris Flora. 

The White & Anita Streets tree planting was mentioned also the Wells Road Hall area, which was organised by Mr Bill Elliott and Mr Maurice Wilson. 

The Annual Native Plants Show was a success once more and several new features contributed to this such as the Plants of Beaumaris scene on the stage and the Floral Art arrangement of Native Plants. 

Mrs (Sheila) Ridland thanked office bearers and committee members for their assistance to her and the Society throughout the year. 

The resignation of several of our committee members, Mrs Nickels, Mrs Bartholomew, Mr Rush and Mr Plumridge, was accepted with regret, and it was realized that circumstances made it impossible for them to do otherwise. 

Moved Mr (Maurice) Wilson 2nd Mr (Edward) Hassett that the President’s report be received. 

Moved Mrs (Edith [Bea]) Hosking 2nd Mrs Susan McDougall that a vote of thanks be extended to Mrs (Sheila) Ridland for her good work during the year as President of the Society. 
 carried with acclamation.

PRESIDENT – Moved Mrs. (Edith [Bea]) Hosking  2nd Mrs (Susan) McDougall that MR (Edward) HASSETT be elected President.                                                                                           carried unanimously
VICE PRESIDENT – MRS (Sheila) RIDLAND   Moved Mr (Maurice) Wilson 2nd Mrs Rodgers                                                                                             carried unanimously
SECRETARY- MR STEPHENSON   Moved Mrs (Sheila) Ridland 2nd Mrs (Catherine) Carroll                                                                                               carried unanimously
TREASURER – MR SCOTT  Moved Mr (Maurice) Wilson 2nd Mrs Rodger 

AUDITOR – MR SINCLAIR  Moved Mrs (Edith [Bea]) Hosking 2nd Mrs Wilson 

ASSISTANT SECRETARY  Moved Mr (Maurice) Wilson 2nd Mrs Hickey 

PUBLICITY OFFICER – Proposed Mrs (Edith [Bea]) Hosking 2nd Mr (Maurice) Wilson 

COMMITTEE – Mrs (Edith [Bea]) Hosking 2nd Mrs Hickey Mrs (Patricia) Sinclair Mrs (Susan) McDougall Mrs Pettersen Mr (William) Leech Mr (John) Carroll Mr (Colin) Macrae Mr (William) Elliott Mrs Russell Mr (Maurice) Wilson 
Moved Mrs Simon 2nd Mrs (Sheila) Ridland 

Moved Mrs (Sheila) Ridland 2nd Mrs Russell

GENERAL BUSINESSBEAUMARIS TELEPHONE EXCHANGE – Mr (Maurice) Wilson informed the meeting that he had approached the Postmaster-General’s Department regarding the planting of Native Plants around the New Beaumaris TELEPHONE EXCHANGE in Reserve Rd. The Department appears to be willing to agree on this matter. Mr (Maurice) Wilson to report further to the Committe on this project. 

ROYAL HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND  Mr (Maurice) Wilson informed the meeting that the above society has included Australian Plants in its teaching subjects. They are anxious to get slides of Australian Native Plants in colour to show in England. The society to assist in this where possible. 

The GRAMATAN AVENUE RESERVE – As the new fence does not reach the ground in all parts of the running length it was suggested that suitable strong wire netting be purchased and that this be used to keep dogs & rabbits out of the Sanctuary. Mr (William) Leech will endeavour to get the wire netting. 

Mr (Maurice) Wilson brought to the notice of the meeting that in order to fully protect the plants in the reserve by making it an offence to remove or otherwise interfere with the plants it would be necessary to make application to the Forests Commission to have the area officially declared a Sanctuary. It was agreed to contact Miss (Winifred) Waddell on that matter for advice. 

FIELD NATURALISTS CLUB It being brought to the notice of the meeting that the Club intends to hold a Native Plant Show early in October 1959, it was requested that the Secretary write to Mr A.B. Court c/o the National Herbarium and advise him that our Show will be on 3rd or 4th of October 1959. 

NEW BEAUMARIS SANCTUARY – The meeting was advised that Miss (Winifred) Waddell has obtained a small reserve in the grounds of the Beaumaris High School, chiefly orchids. Miss (Winifred) Waddell wants a School Committee member to assist the control of the reserve. 

GRAMATAN RESERVE PUBLICITY  Position regarding advising the public of the existence of the reserve. Also the possibility of putting up a suitable notice board on the reserve. Mrs (Edith [Bea]) Hosking to arrange for a lock and chain to be put on the gate. 

MELBOURNE WIRE WORKS – Secretary to write and convey the Society’s thanks for the careful way in which the fencing work had been done. 

Council – Secretary to write and thank them for the manner in which the clearing and fencing of the reserve had been carried out. 

ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS – It was moved by Mr Stephenson 2nd Mrs (Susan) McDougall that the subscription be raised to 3/- for this year. The Motion was put to the meeting but was lost. 

It was further moved by Mrs (Sheila) Ridland 2nd Mr Scott that the subscription remain at 2/- until further notice. The motion was carried. 

COMMITTEE MEETING – The next meeting to be on the 1st of December 1958 Monday at Mr. (Edward) Hassett’s home in Dalgetty Rd. at 8 P.M. 

NATIVE PLANTS PRESERVATION SOCIETY  Moved Mr (Maurice) Wilson 2nd Mr (Colin) Macrae that this Society make an immediate donation to the Native Plants Preservation Society of £50-0-0, in consideration of the great help given our Society in the matter of the Gramatan Reserve. 
The motion was carried. 

GRAMATAN RESERVE –  It was suggested by Mr (Maurice) Wilson that a camera record should be made of the plants in the reserve. Mr Wilson went on to suggest that this be done over five years or so in order that any changes taking place could be observed. 

BEAUMARIS RESERVES –  Mrs Rodgers suggested that in the near future a scheme for the control of weeds and noxious plants during the coming year be drawn up. This is to be discussed further at the next committee meeting.

The meeting closed at 10:30

                                                                                                                                                      E. Hassett

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