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Present: Mrs (Bea) Hosking (in the chair), Mr (Geoffrey) Goode (Secretary) and 24 other members.. 

Apologies: Messrs. (William) Leech, (Alfred) Gilford, (James) McArdle, (Colin) Macrae. 

Minutes of Prev. Mtg.: It was moved by Mr (John) Iggulden and seconded by Mr John that the minutes of the previous general meeting on Wednesday 24th September 1969 be confirmed and this was carried unanimously. 

Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer had apologized for his absence. 

IN        – From Minister for Public Works granting permission for BTPS representative at SCC car park meeting 
            – From City of Sandringham acknowledging our letter re Donald MacDonald Reserve 
            – From Dept. of Lands acknowledging our objection to Car park 
            – From Port Phillip Authority acknowleding our objection to car park and promising further advice 
            – From Mrs Joyce Wilkie and family acknowledging our expression of sympathy in her bereavement 
            – From City of Sandringham  saying that Council will plant eucalypts on Donald MacDonald Reserve and asking for our comments. 
            – From Education Department saying that a report is being prepared and further consideration will be given to the matter of the High 
              School site 

OUT    – To Mayor of Mordialloc giving our “Bare-maris” leaflet 
            – To Parents’ and Citizens’ Association re Public Areas 
            – To National Trust sending subscription and nominating representative 
            – To Natural Resources Conservation League notifying of our representatives’ attendance at the Conservation Council of Victoria 
            – To Mrs Wilkie and family expressing sympathy 
            – To City of Sandringham re Donald MacDonald Reserve 
            – To M.L.A. for Sandringham requesting representative at car park meeting 
            – To Minister for Local Government objecting to car park 
            – To Lands Department objecting to car park 
            – To Beaumaris Newsletter requesting notice of meeting 
            – To Sandringham Advertiser requesting notice of meeting 
            – To Chairman National Trust LPC (Landscape Preservation Council) asking them to oppose car park 

It was MOVED by Mrs (Sue) McDougall and seconded by Mr (John) Iggulden that the correspondence should be received. The motion was carried unanimously. 

BUSINESS ARISING FROM MINUTES: This was considered to be covered adequately by the headings under General Business on the agenda. 

(a) Beaumaris Public Areas Sub-committee 
In the absence of Mr (Colin) Macrae, Mr (John) Iggulden reported that he had spent 1 day looking at reserves but had had no more time since then because of his involvement with the car park fight. He had obtained certain aerial photographs. He had made a preliminary survey of the North west area (Royal Melbourne Golf Links and its perimeter). He stressed the contrast between private neatness and the public slum-like conditions. He felt that apart from Beach Park our main areas of concern were Donald MacDonald, Balcombe Park and the Bodley Street Reserve. 

(b) Inaugural Meeting of Conservation Council of Victoria 
Mr (John) Iggulden reported that this seemed fairly satisfactory. It was MOVED Mr (John) Iggulden and SECONDED Mrs (Sheila) Ridland that a letter should be sent asking what further part we could play e.g. joining. The motion was carried unanimously. 

(c) National Trust L.P.C. (Landscape Preservation Council) 
Mr (Geoffrey) Goode stated that L.P.C. was rather moribund. 

It was MOVED Mr (Michael) Johnstone and SECONDED Mrs (Sue) McDougall that the reports should be accepted and the motion was carried unanimously. 


(a) Late Mr Wilkie.  Mr (John) Iggulden said how sorry he had been to hear of the sudden death of Mr Wilkie. It had come as a shock to him as he had arranged to meet him that day on BTPS business. 

(b) A sub-committee consisting of Mrs (Bea) Hosking as convenor and Mr (Michael) Johnstone was appointed to inspect and report on the Donald MacDonald Reserve particularly with regard to the unlocked gate, damaged fountain, holes in fence and the need for replanting. It was suggested that they should visit the site with the City Engineer (Mr Andrew Cromb). 

(c) Beaumaris High School.  It was agreed the Secretary should contact the Native Plants Preservation Society. 

(d) Council decision to Limit Tennis Court Construction to preserve trees. It was MOVED by Mr (William) Ridland and SECONDED by Mrs Sinclair that the council should be congratulated and that it should be suggested that they should provide a temporary protective fence during construction. The motion was carried unanimously. 

(e) Formation of Black Rock Foreshore Protection Committee. Mr (William) Ridland reported that a meeting between Sir William McDonald, Murray Porter (MLA for Sandringham), P.P.A. (Port Phillip Authority) and some councillors seemed likely very soon. 

It was MOVED by Mrs (Sue) McDougall and SECONDED by Mrs (Gabrielle) Johnstone that the action of the BRFPC should be commended and supported and that this should be conveyed to the Beaumaris Newsletter and the Sandringham Advertiser the letters to be drafted by Messrs (John) Carroll and (William) Ridland for the Secretary’s signature. The motion was carried unanimously. 

(f) The deferment of the Community Aid Abroad Tree selling was noted. 

(g) It was felt the the proposal to rename Reserve Road was too trivial to be worth discussing. 


(a) Mrs (Sue) McDougall referred to City Engineer’s opinion that boneseed was not a noxious weed. Mr (William) Ridland agreed to contact Lands Department re this and also to discuss it with University people. 

(b) Black Rock Chamber of Commerce Replanting 
It was MOVED by Mr (John) Iggulden and SECONDED by Mrs Sinclair that if the BRCC were agreeable, letters of support from BTPS to BRCC and SCC (Sandringham City Council) should be sent. The motion was carried unanimously. 

(c) Mrs Sinclair said that the Beaumaris Yacht Club want help in replanting weed infested areas. 

(d) The need for replanting Beach Park banksias was raised. 

(e) The need for a low log or stone wall to stop cars entering the area of Beach Park on the inland side of Beach Road was raised. 


(a) Committee: Wednesday 11th February 1970 at 8 P.M. at 10 Coronet Grove unless advised earlier. 

(b) General: Wednesday 18th March 1970 at Beaumaris Community Centre at 8 P.M. 

It was MOVED by Mr (Geoffrey) Goode and SECONDED by Mr (Michael) Johnstone that these arrangements should be accepted. The motion was carried unanimously. The meeting closed at 10:35 P.M. 

Geoffrey Goode, Secretary       

I certify this to be a true record. 
Chairman      Bea Hosking 
                                                                                                                                                         Date  20.3.1970