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Present:  Mr G. (Geoffrey) Goode, Mr K. (Kenneth) Rendell, Mrs J. (Jennifer) de Kok, Miss J. (June) Stewart,
               Mrs B. (Bea) Hosking,
Mr J. Smak, Mr W. (William) Sampson, Mr J. (John) Halliday,
               Mrs T. (Therese) Bottomley, Mrs P. Searles, Cr. J. (John)
Merkus, Cr. C. (Clement) Waters,
               Mr N. (Neville) Garner (representing
Graham Ihlein M.L.A.) and Dr Leon Collett. 

Apologies:  Mr T.W. Templeton M.L.A., David Charles M.H.R., Mrs. (Jill) Rendell, Dr & Mrs T. Vorath,
                    Mr & Mrs G.Bult, Mrs H.Teague,
Mrs G. Sampson, Mrs J. (John) Halliday, Mrs L. (Lois) Bell,
                    Mrs M. (Margaret) Goode, Cr L. (Laurence) Bottomley,
Mr & Mrs L. (Lindsay) Bunnett,
                    Mr G. (Geoffrey) P. Connard M.L.C,
Mr Bob Lawson M.L.C. 

Minutes:       Resolved that the minutes from the previous meeting be confirmed. (Sampson/Rendell) 

Treasurer’s Report was accepted and is attached. (Rendell/Sampson) 

President’s Report 
The President, Geoff Goode, welcomed the guest speaker, Dr Leon Collett and Crs. John Merkus and Clem Waters. 

He reported that in general, meetings of the Society relied on working gatherings i.e. foreshore planting and working bees in the Gramatan Avenue  
Heathland Sanctuary. We have received help from Sandringham Council which has made it feasible for us to get in and plant on the foreshore. Progress of the planting shortly after the storm losses in February 1982 has been pleasing. 

The other physical work done has been work in the Gramatan Avenue Heathland Sanctuary. The President gave a short report on the work done in the Sanctuary and the problems from the tea-tree that had been overgrown and had overshadowed the heath. 

We have continued our membership of the Australian Conservation Foundation and the Conservation Council of Victoria. 

He advised that we are involved with the Port Phillip Conservation Council and gave a short report on the work of the council. The main issue in the  
last 12 months has been the proposal by the Public Works Department to build a rubble rock wall at Quiet Corner. Both Groups have been involved  
in making representations to the P.P.A. (Port Phillip Authority) and Minister for Public Works.  

Mr (Douglas) McAlpine, secretary of the P.P.A., has responded with a meeting to be called on the site by the P.P.A. 

The Government is sanctioning another Public Works Department groyne in Sandringham harbour. The P.P.C.C. has written to the Minister and various M.P.s opposing the building of a groyne. At least two local M.P.s were sufficiently concerned to come down and ask us to show them what is going on. 

It was resolved that the President’s report be accepted. (Halliday/Stewart)  

Qffice Bearers 

Geoffrey Goode was nominated and returned as President unopposed. (Hosking/Sampson) 
June Stewart was nominated and elected as the new Vice President. (de Kok/Rendell) 
Jennifer de Kok was nominated and returned as Secretary unopposed. Goode/Sampson) 
Ken Rendell was nominated and returned as Treasurer unopposed. (Bottomley/Stewart) 

The next ‘working bee’ at the Gramatan Avenue Heathland Sanctuary is to be held at 10a.m. on Sunday, October 10, 1982. 

Ricketts Point Tea House 

Cr. Clem Waters advised that plans for the Tea House were in each of the three libraries and on site for public inspection. 

He then gave a brief description of the proposed building, car park and running of the kiosk. 

Miss June Stewart asked if the construction of the building and architects fee are to be paid by the insurance money. 

Cr. Waters said the cost of the new building is equal to the replacement cost of the building that was there. The $86,000 does not include a  
residence as was there before. The money is only available for replacing the kiosk according to the insurance policy, not for any other use. 

Mr Bill Sampson asked if the $86,000 was the estimated cost of the new building. 

Mrs T. Bottomley asked if the committee had an opinion on the matter. 

Mr Goode advised that we had thought it would be advisable to discuss the matter at the A.G.M. 

Cr. Merkus advised that Council could expect. to receive approximately $43,000 if it did not replace the Tea House. 

Cr. Waters advised that Council was strongly under the impression that there is a community need for the kiosk. 

The President, Mr Goode, said there are two main points to be considered: 

       a)  should there be a kiosk? 
       b)  are members in general, satisfied with the plan and proposals by Council regarding the building and running of
             the kiosk?

Donald MacDonald Reserve 

Resolved that the committee of the B.C.S. visit the MacDonald Reserve and then put forward to Sandringham Council its recommendations for a review and update of the existing Donald MacDonald Management Plan. (Halliday/Hosking) 

There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 9.45 p.m. 

Guest Speaker 

Dr Leon Collett, Technical Director of the Port Phillip Authority, gave an interesting talk on the work of the Port Phillip Authority. 


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