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Present   T. Eastwood, G.H. Eastwood, G. (Geoffrey) Goode, M. (Margaret) Goode, M. (Margaret) Jarset, R. (Robert) Lawson MLC, 
M. Matheson, P. Morris, Councillor J. (John) Moller, C. (Colin) Macrae, J. (Jill) Rendell, K. (Kenneth) Rendell, R. (Rae) Renzow, P. (Peter) Russell, D. (Diana) Speirs, E. (Edith) Thomas, G. (George) Scott (Guest Speaker). 

1. Apologies   Geoffrey P.Connard MLC, Daintry Fletcher, June and Roy Hardcastle, Bea Hosking David Lea, John Messer, June Stewart 

2. Minutes      Minutes of 35th Annual General Meeting  Confirmed D. Speirs M. Jarset  Carried 

3. President’s Report    Copies of Report circulated. G. Goode summarized the main points (copy attached). R. Lawson MLC expressed his concern of undermining the cliffs at Keefer’s Boatshed by fossil hunters. 

A letter from VNPA (Victorian National Parks Association) was read expressing their appreciation of ‘Walk Talk Gawk’ outing at Gramatan Avenue and BHS (Beaumaris High School) Heathlands. Report Accepted. – G. Goode  J. Rendell Carried. 

4. Treasurer’s Report    Copies were circulated, but as M.Goode was involved with a brief medical emergency with her son it was not presented. 

5. Life Membership for Colin Macrae. The Notice was read. 
Moved by – G. Goode Seconded – J. Moller. G. Goode spoke on the motion. The efforts of Colin Macrae and other early members of the Tree Preservation Society were important in setting the foundation for preserving the character of Beaumaris. Palaeontology is his primary interest and he has discovered many valuable fossils from Beaumaris. The motion was accepted with acclamation. Colin Macrae spoke in acceptance, saying that he was part of a team and today there is satisfaction in seeing mature trees that they had planted many years ago. 

6. Alteration to Constitution     K. Rendell read out the proposed alteration and moved that it be accepted. K. Rendell D. Speirs Carried. 

7. Election of Office Bearers
President: Nomination – G. Goode K. Rendell Carried. 
Vice President: Nomination – D. Speirs K. Rendell J. Moller Carried. 
Secretary: Nomination – K. Rendell J. Moller Carried. 
Treasurer: Nomination – M. Goode G. Goode Carried. 

8. Bike Road in Beach Park 
A Public Meeting organized by BRASCA (Black Rock and Sandringham Conservation Association) recently, attended by 50 – 100 people, including some Sandringham Councillors discussed and agreed it should be located on the grass verge to Beach Road. 

J. Moller informed us that on 23rd October at 10 a.m. Councillors will examine the route options available, to be discussed at a meeting on 24th October. 

9. General Business 
Peter Russell raised the issue of Beach Road traffic. 

John Moller informed us that a 2 lane road is being proposed and preliminary plans drawn by R.T.A. (Road Traffic Authority) including a roundabout at Bluff Road. 

Colin Macrae was concerned about safe pedestrian crossings between Bluff Road and Dalgetty Road. 

John Moller advised that the R.T.A. is considering various proposals for safe crossings. 

R.Lawson MLC asked who is bearing the cost of the changes. John Moller replied that the costs were covered by R.C.A. (Road Construction Authority) 

10. Guest Speaker 
G. Goode introduced George Scott, who gave us a meticulous and detailed look at aspects of Beaumaris History, with the help of slides and maps. 

George, the meeting enjoyed your show and we very much appreciate you sharing your History of Beaumaris with us. 

11. Supper 

Meeting closed at 10.30 p.m.