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Present:  Cr. John Moller (Mayor) Cr. L. (Laurence) Bottomley, G. (Geoffrey) Goode, M. (Margaret) Goode, Val Tarrant, Prue Batten, C. (Charles) Moore, Penny Scott, Diana Speirs, J. (Jacqui) Priestley, J.G. Davis, H. (Hilton) W.Daff, J. Gardiner, Ken Rendell, Catherine Wilson (Guest Speaker), David Lea MP (MLA). 

1. Apologies:  Mr. Robert Lawson MLC, Mr. Geoffrey Connard MLC, Barbara & Alan Cook, Keith Tarrant, Cr. John Merkus, June & Roy Hardcastle, G. (Geoffrey) Barrow (City Engineer). 

2. Minutes: Minutes of the 36th Annual General Meeting confirmed – Charles Moore L. Bottomley – Carried 

3. President’s Report: 
Copies of the report were circulated. G. Goode summarized the main points. During discussion of the report, the following items were raised: 

Conservation Heritage Study. Cr. J. Moller pointed out that the Meeting tomorrow on the Point Avenue Area is for discussion and review purposes and public comment. Cr. Bottomley invited B.C.S. to be represented at this meeting. He also advised the meeting that B.C.S. would be asked to comment on all recommendations concerning the Gramatan Avenue Sanctuary, before deliberation by Council. 

Foreshore Regulations. David Lea advised the meeting that current regulations concerning Right of Appeal are being re-drafted to protect the Right of Appeal; at present it can be avoided. 

Baywide clean up.  (Cr.) J. Moller, S.C.C. (Sandringham City Council), would like as many participants as possible on 29th October, starting at 10 a.m. at Ricketts Point Tea House 

Brolga sculpture and Fountain in MacDonald Reserve to be restored and relocated to S.E. corner so that it will be less concealed. It is hoped to be completed by 17th December, 1989 – J. Moller. 

Gramatan Avenue Sanctuary. Val Tarrant advised the meeting that historically, B.C.S.’s activity in the 1950s in gaining broad community support, including politicians and professors, for the Sanctuary, was quite unique. Report received G. Goode J.G. Davis. Carried. 

4. Treasurer’s ReportCopies were circulated. Report accepted M. Goode J. Moller. Carried. 

5. Election of Office Bearers 

President:             Nomination – G. Goode         L. Bottomlay               J. Moller           Carried. 

Vice President:     Nomination – D. Speirs          J. Moller                     L. Bottomley     Carried. 

Secretary:             Nomination – K. Rendell        David Lea                  L. Bottomley     Carried. 

Treasurer:             Nomination – M. Goode         L. Bottomley              J. Moller            Carried. 

6. Guest Speaker: G. Goode introduced Ms Catherine Wilson from the Environment Protection Authority Recycling Unit. She explained to us that we can all be involved in this Environmental Waste problem by being conscious of what we buy and how we can reuse and recycle items. An interesting discussion continued, with questions and answers. We all joined with G. Goode in thanking Catherine Wilson. 

7. General Business: 

Sister City Relationship

K. Rendell advised the meeting that Sandringham City Council recently resolved to formally establish a Sister City relationship with the Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk in U.K. and invited interested members to contact him after the meeting. 

Boneseed on the Foreshore

Mr. Charles Moore was concerned that Boneseed was taking over along parts of the foreshore and it should be removed. J. Moller moved that B.C.S. write to Sandringham City Council concerning the removal of Boneseed and how it can be managed. B.C.S. happy to provide labour assistance. 
J. Moller. K. Rendell. Carried. 

Meeting closed 10.05 p.m.