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1. Present:Val Ross (President), Jacob Gorny, Joan Palmer, Ted Pearce, Diana Pearce, Adrian Cerbasi, Pamela Stanton, Joan Stavordale, Irene Clarke, Margaret Spratt OAM, Patricia Glazier, Geoffrey Goode, Ken Fisher, Tina Aldridge, Anne Gibson, Moira Longden, Marjorie and Malcolm Cumming, Bruce Ross, Keith Foreman, Val Currey. 
Guest Speaker was Michael Hoy, of Bayside City Council (21 members)
2. Apologies:Cr Vivien Kluger, Anthony Reinhardt, Frank de la Rambalya, Margaret Goode, Ray Garnett
3. Guest Speaker:Michael Hoy, Bayside City Council, Parks and Recreation Manager, spoke on the Significant Tree Register. The successful consultant for the Significant Tree Register was Landscape Victoria. They developed 10 items of criteria to help select significant trees. This along with some significant trees will be discussed by council on 28 April, 1997. 

After answering various questions there was a feeling that this register would not save many blocks of land from wholesale clearance. 

Val Ross thanked Michael Hoy for coming along.

4. Constitution:Objectives of the Constitution were distributed to all members by about Friday 7 March. G. Goode described various aspects of the Constitution and distributed copies. 

The Beaumaris Conservation Society shall apply to become incorporated with these rules. 
Moved: G. Goode  Seconded: Anne Gibson  Carried 

The Beaumaris Conservation Society’s present Constitution be replaced with these new rules as an interim measure until incorporation is finalised. 
Moved: G. Goode  Seconded: Anne Gibson  Carried 

That our current Secretary, Ken Rendell be appointed “Public Officer” under these new rules. 
Moved: G. Goode  Seconded: C. Duffy  Carried 

Val Ross thanked Geoff Goode for all his work in developing our new Constitution. 

Val Ross asked for comments on the above – no replies. All those in favour of the above – unanimous support.

5. Election:Junior Vice-President: Ken Fisher was nominated – no other nominations. He was duly elected. 

Zone Leaders to replace Ken Fisher and Vivien Kluger: No nominations were forthcoming – the meeting decided to recruit these positions from other members.

6. Zone Leaders 
Zone 1 – Pamela Stanton 
There is a need to educate residents about the objectives of the Society. Many street trees missing. 

Zone 2 – Ken Fivher 
8 sites cleared in the last 12 months. 

Zone 4 – Anne Gibson 
Need to raise awareness of residents. Large Coca Cola advertising sign on Beaumaris Life Saving Club. 

Zone 7 – Ted Pearce 
His survey is not yet complete.

7. Questions:1. Committee needs to take action to help avoid arbitrary clearing of blocks of land. 

2. Bickford Court Resident: Two large houses are planned which are not in character with the neighbours. Council ignored residents views and objections by granting a permit. Residents are considering going to AAT. 

3. Malcolm Cumming: Instead of just proposing fines for removing tress, we need incentives to keep them. 

4. Geoff Goode: The State government is providing grants to help fight weeds.

8. Petition:Val Ross encouraged members to take copies and get as many signatures as possible.
9. 438 Beach 
A new development proposal has been submitted to council. Val Ross read out our objection. 

Val Ross and Ken Rendell attending 8.00 am meeting on 17 April, 1997 at B.C.C. to discuss this development.

10. Pamphlet 
     the Society:
Val Ross described the pamphlet. It is planned to be distributed to all houses in Beaumaris.                                            V.R
11. Letters of 
The secretary was asked to write and express the Society’s appreciation of their work and support to Brian Hutchins and Peter Clark of Tree Scape.                                                                                                                                                   K.R

Meeting closed – 9.38 p.m.