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1. Present: Val Ross (President), Cr Vivien Kluger and Cr Simon Russell (Guest Speakers) and 120 others 

2. Apologies: Tina Aldridge, Moira Longden, Anna McCormack, June & Roy Hardcastle, Audrey Harris, Jim Harris, Alison Pithers, Kay Demmler, Sibyl Hayton 

3. Welcome: Val Ross welcomed everyone and described the concern all over Melbourne with the Medium Density Housing and the formation of the S.O.S. (Save Our Suburbs) group, and the 200-300 residents who attended last Monday’s Council meeting, to see how they voted on many M.D.H. proposals. 

There is a need to change planning regulations to respect our local leafy character. 

B.C.S. has objected to development of many flats at 404 Beach Road. Although a disused service station, this is not a suitable development alongside our foreshore. 

4. Medium Density Housing: Val Ross gave a summary of recent proposals that were refused a 

Developments: planning permit by Bayside City Council. 

She also summarised B.C.S. objections to current proposals. 

A mysterious development rumoured in Grandview Avenue was raised. The developer was at the meeting and confirmed it was No.20, but plans had not yet been lodged. 

5. Cr Vivien Kluger: Val introduced our local councillor Vivien Kluger, who spoke briefly on the importance of residents to let Bayside City Council know their thoughts on local development proposals. 

Corporate plan meetings are important for residents to attend and also comment on draft strategy when advertised. 

Val encouraged residents to make comments on proposed Football Club developments. 

Val gave notice of a public meeting in this hall on 19 February at 7.30 p.m. To be chaired by Cr Craig Tucker. 

6. Cr Simon Russell: Val introduced our other local councillor Simon Russell who said he was not a greenie, but praised B.C.S. for their efforts in being truly representative of the community in Medium Density Housing planning matters. They had a good reputation with council, and are well established. He thought all councillors were against M.D.H. development in Bayside. We need to turn state government policy around on M.D.H. 

7. Questions: Val invited questions for councillors focused on executive procedure. 


Q. How can staff be educated in planning matters for Bayside? 

A. No real answer 


Q. Who follows up the conditions of permit? 

A. Council are developing a strategy for enforcement. 

C. C. T. has aggravated situation – lack of staff 

8. Vice President: Kevin Burgess being nominated and elected at a committee meeting required this meeting to confirm. 

Carried unanimously 

9. Zone Leader: Thelma Wiltshire resigned from Zone 3. 

Rodger Pollard nominated by Val Ross. 

Seconded: Louisa Waters 

Carried: Unanimously 

10. Save Our Suburbs: Val described activities of S.O. S. and distributed leaflets on petition, 

Public meeting on 24 February and membership forms. 

11. Local Petition: Val read out a petition that Bayside Councillors instruct the C.E.O. 

to treat the character of Bayside as first priority in assessing planning 


All groups in Black Rock, Hampton, Brighton, Beaumaris will be 

distributing this petition. Each person to take a copy and fill with 

signatures and make additional copies as required. 

12. Zone Leaders: Val introduced all Zone Leaders present and asked members to group around their Zone Leader and discuss the formation of 3 working groups: 

1. Responsible Development 

2. Vegetation – Nursery – street trees – Lawson tree protection 

3. Media – newsletter, media notices – member notices 

13. Sub Groups: Val asked if anyone was interested in helping in the groups, to give their name to the various leaders. 

Pat Glazier – Responsible Development 

Ann Lazzaro, Ron Hayton, Ted Pearce, Pamela Stanton, Malcolm Cumming, Lesley Winning, Keith Foreman, John Taylor, Elena Scalzo, 
David Judkins 

Ken Rendell – Vegetation 

Ann McVeigh, Simone de Bondy, Sue Raverty, Richard Wilson, Anne Schaetzel, Joan Palmer, Marie Skinner, Diana Pearce, Joy Sayr, Joy Tate, Pauline Callow, Margery Van Staveren, Richard Harding, Sue Lyon, 

Bruce McPhate – Media 

Louisa Waters, Rose Allaway, Owen Waters, Judy Bey, Rod Winning, Val Currey, Maurene Homewood, Margaret Atkinson, Paul Stuart, 
Thel Wiltshire, Jane Saunders, Joan Wise 

Meeting closed with Hip Hooray for all – 9.50 p.m.