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 1. Welcome and Apologies: The President welcomed the large number of members present in particular the Mayor of Bayside, Cr Ken Beadle; Cr Derek Wilson of Ebden Ward and Mr Barry Sheppard, President, and several members of Bayside Residents for Urban Protection.


Apologies – June Stewart, Roy and June Hardcastle, Anne and Frazer Gibson, Owen and Louisa Waters.


2. Confirmation of Minutes of Ordinary General Meeting: The Secretary read the minutes of the Ordinary General Meeting held on 23rd January, 2003 at 20 Emily Street, Beaumaris.
Moved: Ken
Rendell, Seconded: Ted Pearce, that the minutes be accepted as a true record. Carried.


3. President’s Report (Summary): Adrian Cerbasi outlined issues in which BCS Inc was heavily involved during the year including Beaumaris Concourse Green Space, Viewing platforms at Moysey Gardens, Advertising Signs in Public Reserves, Town Planning Applications and the Bayside Council elections. A meeting with Noel Pullen MLC, Member for Higinbotham, was held to discuss planning and development issues and advise of concerns regarding the Government’s Melbourne 2030 Plan.


A close liaison has been maintained with other community groups including Save Our Suburbs Inc, Bayside Alliance, Port Phillip Conservation Council Inc and Brighton Residents for Urban Protection Inc. The reciprocal support of such groups continues to be valued. Appreciation was expressed for the assistance and involvement of Committee Members during the year in particular Keith Holmes and Ingrid Ashford (Responsible Development), Ken Rendell (Vegetation) and Geoff Goode (Treasurer).

This year signifies 50 years of service to the Beaumaris community by the Society, which will be celebrated with a luncheon on October 5th. The recent increase in the number of applications for Life Membership of BCS Inc. is seen as a positive sign for the continuation of the Society into the future.


Moved: Keith Holmes Seconded: Peter Prager, that the President’s Report be adopted. Carried.


4. Treasurer’s Report:  Report for the 2002-03 year was circulated. Moved: Geoff Goode, Seconded: Laurence Bottomley, that the summary of Receipts and Expenditure for 2002-03 be adopted. Carried.


5. Election of Office Bearers: The following Office Bearers were elected for the year 2003-04 unopposed:



Adrian Cerbasi

Senior Vice-President

Keith Holmes

Junior Vice-President

Ted Pierce


Ron Morris


Geoffrey Goode

Zone Leader (Zone 1)

Frazer Gibson

Zone Leader (Zone 2)

Keith Foreman

Zone Leader (Zone 3)

Ron Hayton

Zone Leader (Zone 4)

Ken Rendell

Zone Leader (Zone 5)

Ingrid Ashford

Zone Leader (Zone 6)

Josie Cerbasi

Zone Leader (Zone 7)

Anne Gibson

Zone Leader (Zone 8)

Fiona Austin.


6. General Business:  Adrian Cerbasi reported on the Australian Population Institute, an organisation with potential to influence planning and development proposals, and a booklet – ‘Better Decisions Faster’ – produced by State Government currently under review by BCS Inc.

Geoff Goode reported on local issues (Moysey Gardens Viewing Platforms and Channel Deepening, Port Phillip Bay) currently under consideration by Port Phillip Conservation Council Inc. on which BCS Inc. is represented. George Schatzel outlined the link between a Population Summit held in 2002 and the ‘2030’ planning initiative.

Cr Derek Wilson spoke on a number of issues currently before Bayside Council impacting on the environment. These include Beaumaris Library re-development, the Neighbourhood Character Overlay the Concourse Green Space finalisation and tree controls.


Cr Beadle spoke of the need for a suitable BMX Bicycle Track in the Beaumaris area to replace the illegal track in Long Hollow Reserve, and the possible need for increased dog controls in the Rickett’s Point Marine Sanctuary.

A suggestion was made by Margaret Cumming that a microphone be available for speakers at future meetings.


7. Guest Speaker:  Fiona Austin, Director, Austin Design Associates Pty Ltd, presented a very informative illustrated talk entitled ‘The Significant and Interesting Houses of Beaumaris‘. Photographs of many houses designed by well known architects were included showing original photographs from the 1950s and 60s compared with photographs of the same houses today. Many of the houses were included in editions of Home Beautiful for their significance at the time. Fiona has compiled a list of 25 such architecturally significant houses for submission to Bayside Council with a view to inclusion on the Heritage Register in order to hopefully preserve them for future generations.



Meeting closed at 10 P.M. Supper was then served.