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1. Present – Mr Adrian Cerbasi (Chairman), Mrs Josie Cerbasi, Mrs Rose Allaway, Mr Murray and Mrs Ingrid Ashford, Mrs Fiona Austin, Cr Ken Beadle, Mrs Ethel Bridgford, Mr Alan and Mrs Marianne Cox, Mr Ray Garnett, Mrs Anne Gibson, Mrs Patricia Glazier, Mr Geoffrey and Mrs Margaret Goode, Mr James Harris, Mr Reg Leslie, Mrs Madeline Meehan, Mr Ted Pearce, Mrs Joan Proctor, Mrs Sue Raverty, Mr Ken and Mrs Jill Rendell, Mrs Diane Rex, Mr Peter Russell, Mr George Schaetzel, Mr Christopher Sutton, Mrs Joy Tate, Cr Derek Wilson, Mr John Wise (38 total)


2. Observers – Mr Barry Sheppard, Mr Richard Rozen, Ms Mary Battista, (all from Brighton Residents for Urban Protection Inc), Mr Noel Pullen – MLC for Higinbotham, Mr John Knight.


3. Apologies – Mrs Diana Pearce, Mr Ron Hayton, Mr Ron Morris, Mrs Moira Longden, Mrs Kathleen Kiernan, Dr Peter Prager, Dr Shirley Prager.


4. Confirmation of Minutes of 51st Annual General Meeting – It was resolved that the minutes of the 51st Annual General Meeting, held on 25th September 2003, be confirmed. Moved Adrian Cerbasi, seconded Fiona Austin.


5. President’s Report – Mr Cerbasi reported on a busy year with many issues, which included:

  • Work with Save Our Suburbs Inc. on the Melbourne 2030 Plan
  • The Concourse Green changed from a Business Zone to a Public Park and Recreation Zone.
  • Discussions on Council proposal for a skateboard ramp and a public meeting on that.
  • Concourse – Attendance at Council working group regarding development of the shopping areas.
  • Success in persuading Council by a 7-2 vote not to sell a southern part of the Holding Street Road Reserve just east of High Street, which has good indigenous trees on it.
  • Advertising Signs – Signs at Council sporting grounds restricted to temporary use only.
  • Public protest at Parliament House – against activity centres (as in Melbourne 2030 Plan)
  • Protectors of Public Lands Victoria Inc. – ( BCS Inc. has joined this organization)

Thanks to Committee members and others
The President thanked the Committee for its work during the year. It was resolved that the President’s Report be accepted. Moved Keith Holmes, seconded Ken Beadle.

6. Treasurer’s Report – Cr Ken Beadle commended the Treasurer on the report and suggested the Society bank with the local Bendigo Bank. It was agreed the BCS Inc. Committee should consider that. Peter Russell questioned an apparent membership decline by 100. The Treasurer said the timing of renewals is erratic and the decline is deceptive. Diane Rex hoped membership would be encouraged. It was resolved that the Treasurer’s report be accepted. Moved Geoffrey Goode, seconded Anne Gibson.

7. Honorary Life Memberships – Pursuant to the recommendations and citations by the Committee of Management required under Section 3.1(e) of the Constitution, it was moved by Anne Gibson and seconded by Rose Allaway that Ken Rendell and Patricia Glazier each be admitted as Honorary Life Members of Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc. The motion was carried without dissent. Mr Noel Pullen MLC presented the Honorary Life Membership plaques.

8. Election of Committee of Management – The Returning Officer, Peter Russell, said the following positions were filled unopposed. He was given a vote of thanks for his work.







Adrian Cerbasi

Zone Leader 3

Ron Hayton

Senior Vice-President

Keith Holmes

Zone Leader 4

Ken Rendell

Junior Vice-President

Ted Pearce

Zone Leader 5

Ingrid Ashford


Ron Morris

Zone Leader 6

Josie Cerbasi


Geoffrey Goode

Zone Leader 7

Fiona Austin

Zone Leader 1

Anne Gibson

Zone Leader 8

Patricia Glazier

Zone Leader 2

Keith Foreman




9. General Business – Cr Derek Wilson (Ebden Ward) said he intends to stand again at the November 2005 Council elections. Cr. Beadle (Moysey Ward) said he will not stand again. BCS Inc. will seek a suitable candidate for Moysey.


Skateboard Ramp on the Concourse Green – Many members spoke and were generally against that Council proposal, and urged active opposition. One member said that the needs of youth had to be considered. The Council considered and rejected other sites. Council was urged to fully publish plans and undertake a survey of at least 500 residents.


Port Phillip Conservation Council Inc – Geoffrey Goode, one of the two BCS Inc. representatives on PPCC Inc, reported on the Environment Effects Statement on the proposed deepening of Port Phillip shipping channels highlighting concerns on turbidity and the 30 million cubic metres of spoil to be dumped in Port Phillip. He also mentioned the as yet unconstructed Beaumaris section of the coastal bicycle road, which PPCC Inc. considers should be on the road reservation for Beach Road as favoured by BCS Inc. and Bayside City Council. Cr Beadle hoped that the matter might be resolved by November 2005. PPCC Inc. supports BCS Inc. in urging abandonment of the stalled second viewing platform planned on the foreshore at the end of Banksia Avenue.

10. Guest Speaker – Cr Derek Wilson  – Cr Wilson gave an expert précis of the Melbourne 2030 Plan illustrated with slides. The assessment was largely critical, and the fact that VCAT and developers can give in-principle acceptance of the Plan through the Department of Infrastructure provides a loophole for decisions adverse to residents’ wishes, as shown in several recent reports. Cr Wilson was given a warm vote of thanks.


The meeting ended at 10:30 p.m. and refreshments, to celebrate our year’s activities, followed.

                                                                                                                           E Pearce for R Morris, Secretary


Confirming Chairman ……..………….…..…….….…                                        Date …….…..…….…..  2005