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[NOTE: The minutes of the 52nd Annual General Meeting, on 2004, were not confirmed at the 2005 AGM]

1. PRESENTMr Edward Pearce (Chair) and Mrs Diana Pearce, Cr Ken Beadle, Cr Derek Wilson, Mr Geoffrey and Mrs Margaret Goode, Mrs Josie Cerbasi, Mr Murray and Mrs Ingrid Ashford, Mr Ron Morris, Mr Peter Russell, Ms Robyn Browne, Mr Ron Hayton, Ms Moira Longden, Mrs Lynda Judkins, Mr George Schaetzel, Mrs Val Currey, Ms Claire Timlock, Mr Ralph and Mrs P Salisbury, Ms J Palmer, Mrs Susan Raverty, Mr Rodney Smith, Mr Rodney Nash, Mr John Knight (Total 26)


2. OBSERVERSMr Peter and Mrs Caroline Shepard (Brighton Residents for Urban Protection), Mr Michael Norris (Friends of Bayside Native Wildlife)


3. APOLOGIESMr Adrian Cerbasi, Mr Laurence Bottomley, Mr Keith Holmes, Ms Kathleen Kiernan, Mr David Judkins, Mrs Anne Gibson, Mr Bill Gleadell, Mr Reg and Mrs Lorna Leslie, Mr Christopher Sutton.


4. PRESIDENT’S REPORT – In the absence of the President, the Chair read his prepared report, which highlighted the activities of BCS Inc. over the past 12 months drawing attention to main issues encompassed including mounting objections to locations to a proposed skateboard facility, Beaumaris Hotel development, the attempted Ricketts Point Landside incursion for car parking, and a number of residential developments deemed inappropriate.


The President expressed appreciation to members of the Committee for support and assistance through the year. It was resolved that the President’s report be accepted. Carried. Moved G Schaetzel, Seconded K Beadle.


5. TREASURER’S REPORT – A Summary of Receipts and Expenditure from 1/7/04 to 30/6/05 was tabled for information and discussion. There being no discussion it was resolved that the Treasurer’s Report be accepted. Moved G Goode, Seconded K Beadle with congratulations on the surplus of income over expenditure obtained. Carried.


6. ELECTION OF OFFICERSMr Peter Russell (Returning Officer) advised that the following positions were filled unopposed:




Senior Vice President

Junior Vice President



Zone 1 Leader

Zone 2 Leader



Mr Adrian Cerbasi

Mrs Fiona Austin

Mr Edward Pearce

Mr Ron Morris

Mr Geoffrey Goode

Mr Keith Holmes

Ms Kathleen Kiernan



Zone 3 Leader

Zone 4 Leader

Zone 5 Leader

Zone 6 Leader

Zone 7 Leader

Zone 8 Leader



Mr Ian Wong

Mr Kenneth Rendell

Mrs Ingrid Ashford

Mrs Josie Cerbasi

Mr Rodney Nash

Mrs Patricia Glazier


A vote of thanks was extended to the Returning Officer for his valued assistance. Moved E Pearce, Seconded R Morris. Carried.


7. GENERAL BUSINESS – Cr Ken Beadle informed the meeting of his imminent retirement from Bayside Council after two terms and provided comment on current issues including the proposed skateboard romp (further site evaluation to occur), Ricketts Point Landside incursion (will not proceed due to opposition by State Government although installation of right turn facility and pedestrian crossing will occur), Footpath Trading Policy ( BCS Inc. comments taken into consideration in final draft), shared Bicycle Road (Beaumaris section will require a balance between the needs of public space and the community at large).


Geoffrey Goode as BCS lnc. representative gave a summary of Port Phillip Conservation Council Inc. activities for the year drawing particular attention to opposition to the incursion into Ricketts Point landside, the proposed extension to the shared Bicycle Road, and recent modification of the Beaumaris Cliff near the Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron, which appears to have occurred without adequate public notification or supervision.


Cr Derek Wilson reported on two development applications, which indicated attempts to circumvent the Planning Scheme. Both were refused a permit by Council and went to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal on appeal. Both appeals were lost. VCAT outcomes should serve as a salutary lesson to developers.


8. GUEST SPEAKER – Ms Amy Weir, Environment Officer, Bayside City Council, gave a very interesting illustrated resume of the responsibilities and activities of her current position Including among other things, research into Rakali presence on the foreshore, rejuvenation of artificial lakes throughout Bayside, Foreshore and other Reserve master plan development and environmental education talks to school groups. Ms Weir felt that she was assisted in carrying out her duties by her local knowledge and appreciation of the Bayside environment through lifelong residency. The Chair warmly thanked Ms Weir on behalf of the meeting.


9. CLOSE – The meeting was declared closed at 10:10 p.m. with refreshments following.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Ron Morris, Secretary


Confirming Chairman ………………………………………                                               Date ………………. 2006