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1. WELCOME AND APOLOGIES – The meeting was declared open by the Chair. The Mayor (Cr Derek Wilson), Cr John Knight, and other distinguished guests and members were welcomed.


Present – (35 members) Mr Adrian Cerbasi (Chair), Cr Derek Wilson, Cr John Knight, Mr Geoffrey and Mrs Margaret Goode, Mrs Josie Cerbasi, Mr Murray and Mrs Ingrid Ashford, Mr Ron Morris, Mr Peter Russell, Mr Edward and Mrs Diana Pearce, Mr George Schaetzel, Mrs Susan Raverty, Mr Rodney Nash, Mr Ken and Mrs Jill Rendell, Mrs Fiona Austin, Mr Chris Sutton, Mr Keith Holmes, Mr Malcolm and Mrs Marjorie Cumming, Mr Edward and Mrs Alison Alexander, Mr Ted and Mrs Sue Whittle, Mr Christopher and Mrs Joy Tate, Ms Joan Palmer, Ms Valma Currey, Ms Heather Stewart, Mr John and Mrs Joy Taylor, Mr John and Mrs Sue Miller.

(Guests) Mr Barrie Sheppard, Ms Susan Pennicuik.


Apologies – Mrs Patricia Glazier, Ms Moira Longden, Ms Claire Timlock, Mr Ron Hayton, Ms Robyn Browne, Mr Norman and Mrs Christine Iddles, Mr Bill Gleadell, Mrs Beryl Vangou, Mrs Diane Rex, and Mr Rodney Smith.



The Minutes of the 53rd Annual General Meeting were read by the Chair. It was moved (T Pearce) and seconded (J Cerbasi) that the minutes be confirmed.                                                                             CARRIED



President’s Report – The President (A Cerbasi) highlighted the activities of BCS Inc. over the past 12 months drawing attention to main issues requiring submissions to Bayside Council and encompassing planning amendments concerning the Beaumaris Concourse and residential building heights, foreshore tree vandalism, naming and zoning of public land, the location of a proposed skateboard facility and a number of residential developments deemed innappropriate. The President expressed appreciation to members of Committee for their support and assistance throughout the year.

It was moved (G Goode) and seconded (K Holmes) that the President’s report be accepted.                 CARRIED


Treasurer’s Report – The Treasurer (G Goode) tabled a Summary of Receipts and Expenditure from 1/7/05 to 30/6/06 for information and discussion. There being no discussion it was moved (G Goode) and seconded
(J Taylor) that the Treasurer’s Report be accepted.                                                                                  CARRIED


Responsible Development Sub-Group Report – F Austin gave a summary of relevant planning and development outcomes which involved input from the Society during the year including attendance at VCAT Hearings. Of particular note was a VCAT ruling rejecting dual occupancy developments on neighbourhood character grounds and support for existing restrictive covenants over Deauville Estate. Bayside Council’s decision to review the heritage listing of important Beaumaris houses designed during the 50’s and 60’s was welcomed as a possible means of preserving architecturally significant dwellings and their mature indigenous gardens. The Sub-group intends to meet monthly during 2006-7. New members welcome.


Vegetation Sub-group Report – K Rendell summarised areas of involvement during the year including lobbying for protection of mature trees on the CSIRO, Highett site and the recycling of stormwater to the Long Hollow Reserve, involvement in the Rakali Survey conducted by Bayside Council and the ‘Friends’ groups for foreshore and inland reserves.


4. ELECTION OF COMMITTEE – Mr P Russell (Returning Officer) advised that the following positions were filled unopposed:




Senior Vice President

Junior Vice President



Zone 1 Leader

Zone 2 Leader



Mr Adrian Cerbasi

Mrs Fiona Austin

Mr Edward Pearce

Mr Ron Morris

Mr Geoffrey Goode


Ms Heather Stewart



Zone 3 Leader

Zone 4 Leader

Zone 5 Leader

Zone 6 Leader

Zone 7 Leader

Zone 8 Leader



Mr Chris Sutton

Mr Kenneth Rendell

Mrs Ingrid Ashford

Mrs Josie Cerbasi

Mr Rodney Nash

Mrs Patricia Glazier


In the absence of a candidate for the position of Zone Leader for Zone 1, Mr Russell called for nominations from the floor. Mr T Whittle indicated his willingness to nominate. There being no other nominations Mr Whittle was duly elected to the position.


A vote of thanks was extended to the Returning Officer for his valued assistance.
Moved R Morris, Seconded F
Austin                                                                                                    CARRIED


5. ADMISSION OF HONORARY LIFE MEMBER – the President proposed that Mr Keith Holmes be admitted as an Honorary Life Member of the Society in view of his dedicated service since joining in 1997 particularly in the role of convenor of the Responsible Development sub-group. A citation included with Notice of Meeting was read out by the President.

It was moved (G Goode) and seconded (I Ashford) that Mr Holmes be so admitted in accordance with Rule 3.1 (e) of the Constitution.                                                                                                                            CARRIED


6. GENERAL BUSINESS – For the information of those present, the Mayor, Cr Wilson, highlighted several issues which had come before Council over the past 12 months involving BCS Inc. These included VCAT Appeals and the stand Council is taking to ensure that neighbourhood character is taken into consideration, the location of the proposed skateboard facility – anticipated as a continuing challenge, the extension of the Bayside cycle path and its threat to indigenous flora and the Council’s aims regarding preservation of foreshore vegetation from vandalism by the erection of screens of appropriate design.


7. GUEST SPEAKERMs Sue Pennicuik, representative of Earthcare St Kilda Inc. and Australian Greens candidate at the Victorian elections, gave an interesting and informative address concerning environmental issues for Port Phillip and the areas bordering it, highlighting such issues as the impact of residential developments, the pressure on the marine environment from pollution and the proposed Channel widening, the need for increased indigenous planting and care for what remains and the need to ensure that Port Phillip Bay is acknowledged as an iconic asset which should not be taken for granted.

A warm vote of thanks was extended to Ms Pennicuik by the Chair on behalf of the meeting.


8. CLOSE – The Chair declared the meeting closed at 10:00 p.m. Members and guests were thanked for their attendance and invited to partake of refreshments provided.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Ron Morris, Secretary

 Confirming Chairman ………………………………………                                       Date ………………. 2007