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Beaumaris Beach Park foreshore reserve faces incursions if Bayside Council constructs the next stage of its Bayside Bicycle Road from Wells Road to Cromer RoadVicRoads  opposes extending a little further the adjacent existing narrowing of Beach Road to a single lane each way for vehicles. If its opposition succeeds, the proposals described against photographs of the present end of the paved bicycle road should be adopted. (See Port Phillip Conservation Council Inc. Policy Statement No. 8).

It would be an unfortunate result of VicRoads’ refusal to extend that narrowing that mature trees such as these Allocasuarina verticillata on the edge of Beach Road opposite Deauville Street would be removed, but any temptation to avoid such trees by diverting the 4 m wide swathe for the concrete bicycle road nearer the seaward edge of the reserve would bring a long concrete strip with its related permanent disturbance closer into, and much reduce the remaining width of, the clifftop and cliff-edge coastal vegetation, which would degrade that clifftop and cliff-edge coastal vegetation, which would degrade that prime feature of Beach Park very much more in the long term. The large she-okes etc. along the road edge can be replaced with new plantings, which will reach a good height within 10-15 years, and the continually damaging effects of the bicycle road will be furthest from the coast.
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