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2013 News


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*IMPORTANT ANCIENT SEAL FOSSIL NEXT TO BMYS: The Age reports Museum Victoria’s welcoming a collector’s recent discovery.
*PERMIT TO MISUSE LANDSIDE RESERVE: Objection to application to kill 8 trees, and use Reserve as a work site for nearby lot

*BEAUMARIS RESERVE: BCS Inc. letter asks for sandy entry road to sports ground not to be gravelled, but left sandy and unkerbed.

*A ‘NO’ CASE FOR MARINA: BMYS Ltd’s postal ballot of members has a ‘YES’ case only. For fairness, BCS Inc. offers a ‘NO’ case. 
*BIRDS AT LONG HOLLOW RESERVE: 8:30 am to noon Sunday 2013-10-27, Birdlife Bayside will have bird-sighting walks for all ages.
*AMENDMENT C112: BCS Inc. supports Planning Scheme Amendment C112 for Council’s regeneration burns in bushland reserves.
*FETE: BCS Inc’s Stall No. 35 at Beaumaris Primary School’s fete on Sunday, 20 October, has plant sales, information and recruiting.

*2013 AGM: See minutes of AGM, Celeste Ward’s pictures, the new 2013-14 Committee, and Ted Pearce’s Honorary Life Membership.
*SPRING HEATHLAND OPENING: Gramatan Avenue Sanctuary is open 2-4 pm on every Sunday in September 2013.

*COMMUNITY CENTRE RESERVE: Bayside Council leaflet on weeknight 5-9 pm lighting of soccer ground using four 30 metre poles.
*VOLUNTEERS SOUGHT AS HEATHLAND OPENINGS GUIDES: Citywide letter welcomes help, and asks for details on this form.
*INVITATION DECLINED: BCS Inc. officers declined to attend Council’s concrete bicycle road opening, until recently all bushland.

JULY 2013
*MISUSE OF LANDSIDE RESERVE: BCS Inc. response to Council letter defending storage of builders’ materials on the Reserve
*BCS INC. BULLETIN: The July 2013 issue of the BCS Inc. Bulletin is accessible here.
*ARTICLE ON BCS INC. CELEBRATION: See Winter issue of Bayside City Council’s Banksia Bulletin P. 14 article on our Celebration.

JUNE 2013
*BEAUMARIS RESERVE: Bayside City Council proposals to cover dry sandy areas with bitumen, & remove 6 trees are bad.

MAY 2013
*CLIFF TOP TRACK VALUES: Murray Thompson MLA’s video champions the values of this track seaward of the bicycle road.
*HONORARY LIFE MEMBER: May’s BCS Inc. General Meeting admitted Mrs Patricia Sinclair as its 10th-ever Honorary Life Member
60TH ANNIVERSARY OF BEAUMARIS CONSERVATION SOCIETY: Sixty people, who enjoyed marking the occasion, were present.
HIGHETT GRASSY WOODLAND PUBLIC MEETING: A public meeting is being held on 9 May 2013 to help save this woodland.

APRIL 2013
BEAUMARIS COLLEGE: BCS Inc. letter to the Premier asks that the college land be kept for a school.
DRAFT RICKETTS POINT & LANDSIDE MANAGEMENT PLAN: BCS Inc. submission on this draft plan has been lodged.
MISUSE OF LANDSIDE RESERVE: Bayside City Council is condoning storage of building materials, etc. on this Crown land reserve.

MARCH 2013
RESIGNATION OF ZONE 1-4 LEADER: A vacancy exists for this position following the resignation of Ms Gillian Davidson.
RICKETTS POINT LANDSIDE CLEANUP DAY: BCS Inc. invites volunteers to assist on Sunday, 3 March 2013.

INDIGENOUS TREES REMOVED FROM FORESHORE: Video of wide swathe of Beaumaris trees felled for a bicycle road.


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