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Dear Member of BCS Inc.

Push within Council to Weaken its Stand on Planning Amendments
at Two Key Bayside Council Meetings
A rearguard move by certain Bayside councillors seems to be underway to weaken the extent of reforms that we have been working for in regard to Council’s policy on the Rescode and C2 initiatives to replace the infamous “Good Design Guide”.

It appears that the supportive councillors we have worked to elect, and who are supporting our views, are being undermined by other councillors. Higher density ‘options’ and a blurring of clarity in some of the wording proposed are being put forward against our supportive councillors’ wishes. The Policy Committee meeting on Monday 9th October 2000 was well attended by those supporting good reforms. Council passed a reasonable but incomplete motion as a recommendation for the full Council meeting on Monday 23rd October 2000 at 7 p.m. at the Council Chambers, Boxshall Street, Brighton..

An even better attendance of interested persons at the open meeting then should show councillors the motivation people have to see sound planning reforms finally adopted.

We want the full Council to agree:

  • “to adapt the City of Bayside Strategy and Housing Policy to provide a framework to meet the housing needs of the City to 2016 consistent with the established urban character of the City”, yet the supportive councillors have not agreed to that insidious and arbitrary proposition.
  • “that Council determine its position on density in the Bayside Residential Density Area at either
  1. a density of 1:300 m² with no possibility of variation denser than that figure, or
  2. a density of 1:350 m² with the possibilities of densities marginally (5%) greater than that figure being considered by Council.”,
yet the supportive councillors have not agreed, and are still advocating that a greatest allowable density of 1:500 m² is to be preferred across the municipality, with no exceptions denser than 1:400 m ².
  • “to adopt the Vegetation Character Assessment report, the Vegetation Protection Overlay as exhibited (VPO3)”, yet the supportive councillors want it extended further north.
  • “to adopt particular height limits in Commercial Centres, particularly the possibility of a 4th storey being subject to Council deliberation”, yet the supportive councillors have not agreed to that.